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The Occupational Therapy Salary Guide

The Occupational Therapy Salary Guide

A career in Occupational Therapy can be a very rewarding one in more ways than one. The range in the Occupational Therapy Salary allows for a good living even in areas where wages might be a bit lower. Of course, the particular Occupational Therapy salary for each job will vary, as well as for each therapist based on education, experience and where you work.

The Occupational Therapy salary range starts at around $60,000 a year, a good entry level salary for a career in the medical industry. Occupational Therapists obtain a Bachelor’s Degree as well as a certification in that particular area of therapy. They may specialize in working with children, which can come with a larger salary because it is a very specific niche. Some therapists work in clinics while others work in hospital. The goal of Occupational Therapy is generally to help people accomplish every day tasks that they may be struggling with for various reasons, whether they are rehabilitating from an accident or illness or experiencing a developmental delay.

The Occupational Therapy salary a particular therapist can command can grow easily from the entry level salary given some time and experience in the field. Those working in hospital environments generally make a good salary, especially in private hospitals. Your occupational therapy salary will depend on where you live; the average salary in the United States is around $72,000, so some areas can be expected to be lower while others are higher.

A good idea of the Occupational Therapy salary range in your area can be gleaned from job postings as well as from talking to others working in the field, if they are willing to share personal information. In most cases, an Occupational Therapist is assured of making a very good living, and has plenty of room for salary growth.

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