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The Path to Becoming a Pastry Chef

The Path to Becoming a Pastry Chef

A pastry chef is a particular type of chef with expertise in baked goods including pastries as the name implies, but also breads, desserts and other specialties. Becoming a pastry chef requires time spent in a culinary school, and it is a branch of cooking that focuses on very specific skills.

For anyone interested in becoming a pastry chef, the first step is to find out more about the career itself. A pastry chef can work in a number of places, generally the kitchen of a large restaurant as smaller establishments do not keep a pastry chef on staff. Becoming a pastry chef can be a rewarding career but is also hard work. The hours can be difficult, but for those who truly love to cook this is a minor issue.

The pastry chef in a restaurant generally has control over the dessert menu, They plan all of the dessert offerings and test new recipes prior to serving them. The pastry chef generally prepares much of the dessert menu ahead of time to be plated as needed. This means the pastry chef is in the kitchen early in the morning in many cases, especially if the restaurant serves a breakfast menu.

Becoming a pastry chef requires that you attend a culinary arts school. There are some large chain schools across the country that provide a high quality education. Visiting some schools and choosing one is the first step towards becoming a pastry chef. Once you are certain this is the career for you, take the time to tour the available culinary schools and get information on where their graduates have found work – this will say a lot about the school.

Becoming a pastry chef generally takes several years of school, although many schools offer shorter certificate programs. If becoming a pastry chef at an upscale restaurant is your goal, you will probably want to consider at least an Associate’s Degree if not a Bachelor’s Degree. Anything less than this will likely land you a position as an assistant pastry chef at best.

Another thing you should consider about becoming a pastry chef is where you might like to specialize. While all pastry chef courses cover certain basics, there are often optional specialties you can further pursue, such as working specifically with chocolate or other special areas of desserts and baking. Having a specialty will help you to stand out from the crowd when you apply for a job in a kitchen.

Becoming a pastry chef requires hard work and dedication, and it is not the right path for everyone. But if you have a true love of the culinary arts and pastry is where your heart lies, then enrolling in a pastry chef program will help you achieve that dream. Remember that you will have to put in many hours on the path to becoming a pastry chef, and start from the ground up – but someday you might be the pastry chef in charge of the entire dessert menu at a very prestigious restaurant.

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