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The Pilates Ring: How to Use It for Different Exercises

The Pilates Ring: How to Use It for Different Exercises

Are you looking for a way to maximize your Pilates floor exercise routine?  Do you need to add a bit of resistance to your Pilates routine—resistance that can help you achieve results faster without spending a lot of extra time or money?  If so, then you might want to try a Pilates Ring.  In this article we will cover the basics of the Pilates Ring and how it is used, including some of the different exercises you can perform with this astonishing piece of workout equipment.

What Is a Pilates Ring and How Does It Work?

A Pilates ring is just that, a small resistance ring and a supplement to your current Pilates workout routine that adds just a touch of resistance to every exercise you perform, thus helping you to tone and firm problem areas faster.  This simple piece of exercise equipment, which takes up little to no space at all, can help anyone who is serious about their workout achieve maximum results fast.

At first glance, the Pilates ring may seem unimpressive, even gimmicky, but once you start using this wonderful piece of workout equipment you’re certain to change your mind.  Even if you’re used to doing Aero Pilates with high-priced pieces of equipment, you’ll be amazed by all you can do with the Pilates Ring and the fabulous workout it delivers. And the best part is you can take these rings wherever you go.  You’ll never again have to miss a workout when traveling on business or vacation.  The simple design of the Pilates ring allows you to take it with you, regardless of where you’re off to.

The Pilates ring is shaped in the form of a circle, with two padded grips you hold either with your hands, knees or ankles.  These banded circles provide just the right amount of resistance to a wide variety of exercises and help you reach your fitness goals faster.

The padded areas on the Pilates ring are designed for comfort, and each ring comes with a variety of resistance levels.  This allows you to start slow and measure your progress along the way, changing the resistance level as you become stronger and more toned.

Before using the Pilates ring it’s always a good idea to check with a doctor to ensure you are physically healthy enough for exercise, and a Pilates expert who can take you through the wide variety of floor exercises, just to make sure you are doing each exercise correctly without putting too much strain on the various muscles and joints.

The Pilates Ring, unlike other expensive pieces of exercise equipment, is very affordable and can be found at most sporting goods and discount department stores.  You can even buy the Pilates ring online from one of hundreds of qualified dealers. If you need an extra boost to your workout routine—a boost which can help you attain your desired results faster—it’s hard to beat the effectiveness and the sheer value of the Pilates Ring.

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