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The Portable Furnace Guide

The Portable Furnace Guide

Whether you only get chilled at night or want a little extra warmth in your office or living space without cranking up the heat  - and your heating bills – a portable furnace is a great choice.  A little larger than the average small space heater, a portable furnace can heat even a fairly large room, and can be moved with you so heat only the room that you are using at the time.  With energy efficiency being a major concern of most homeowners, using a portable furnace makes a great deal of sense.  Don’t waste money heating rooms you aren’t in; instead consider a portable furnace to keep you comfortable and prevent wasted energy.

The portable furnace comes in a number of different designs to help it to fit right into your home or office decor.  If you are concerned about an ugly unit taking up space and breaking up the flow of your room, you should look at some of the options that are designed with attractive wood finishes.  You can get the warmth you want while still keeping your room looking homey and comfortable.  Of course, if you don’t mind or even prefer a more simple look, there are plenty of portable furnace options with clean lines and a more traditional space heater appearance.

When it comes to choosing a portable furnace, the main thing to keep in mind is the manner in which you plan to use it.  If you want to use it to heat your room while you are sleeping, you should select a portable furnace with a built in thermostat.  This way, it will come on and off automatically to keep the room at a pre-set temperature, instead of running all night.  You will avoid over-heating the room and save on your energy costs even more.  If you have children, you should be certain to look for a portable furnace with all of the appropriate safety features.  It should not be too hot to the touch on the outside to avoid burns, and should also have an automatic tip-over shut off mechanism.  This prevents the machine from starting a fire if tipped over.  Today’s portable furnace options are generally safer than they have ever been in the past, but you should still look for certain safety features.

Your portable furnace should be powerful enough to heat the largest room you plan to use it in effectively.  A heater that is too powerful will make the room too hot and waste energy, while one that does not have enough power will leave you turning up your main heat sources and defeating the purpose.  With the right portable furnace, your room should be comfortable and you shouldn’t have to waste any extra energy.

You can buy a portable furnace just about anywhere, from a home improvement store to your local department store.  You can also locate a wide variety of options online; just be aware that with larger models shipping can be pricey.  Watch for a free shipping deal if you want to buy online!

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