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The Professional Coaching Franchise: Helping Others Get to the Top

The Professional Coaching Franchise: Helping Others Get to the Top

Do you have a knack for helping other people solve perplexing problems in their life?  Do your friends or family members regularly come to you for advice and insight?  If so, you may be able to turn this very worthy skill into a successful career enterprise.  In this article we will briefly define the professional coaching franchise and outline a few of the skills which make professional life coaches such a hot commodity in this struggling economic climate.

What Is a Professional Coach?

The ability to help others overcome obstacles and achieve what they want in life is a great gift which few people possess, and as a result, those who excel in this area are in very high demand.  Simply put, a professional coach is an individual who can help you get from where you are now to where you want to be.  Coaches typically work one-on-one with their clients to help them identify their goals and the current obstacles that are standing in the way of achievement.  Coaches in a professional coaching franchise provide structure, guidance and feedback using a number of tools and techniques to help you move beyond your self-imposed limitations and thrive in both your personal and professional life.

You may think this definition of the coaching profession sounds a lot like a psychologist, and while there are some similarities in the two professions, there is one major difference that must be noted.  Psychologists work with people to help them unlock the past and move beyond things like traumatic events, while coaches are much more forward-thinking and action-oriented.  Professional coaches are interested only in the present and the future and the obstacles that are separating the two.

What Does a Professional Coach Do?

 A professional coach is in the business of people development and is trained to help individuals create a more fulfilling and satisfying life.  They do this by helping people reach their full potential both personally and professionally while still preserving precious time for family and recreation.  As a general rule, a professional coach can help you:

  • Recognize and solve issues in your personal or professional life
  • Uncover hidden obstacles that are blocking your way to full achievement
  • Chart a course towards a more fulfilling future
  • Discover your purpose in life and recognize your strengths and weaknesses
  • Create a working definition of success and help you move toward it each day
  • Clarify your vision
  • Set both short-term and long-term goals and objectives
  • Stay focused on what you truly want from life
  • Move you from doubt to confidence

Professional coaches, at least those who can produce results, are in very high demand and can carve out a very nice career for themselves.  While some training is certainly necessary to excel in a professional coaching franchise, the number one requirement is unquestionably the ability to listen carefully to other people and develop a relationship based on mutual trust and understanding.  For more information on how to become a professional coach in a coaching franchise, or start a franchise of your own, a simple Internet search will usually produce a number of very interesting articles on the subject.

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