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The Safest SUV to Drive

The Safest SUV to Drive

Many people who choose to purchase an SUV do so because they have a family; the safest SUV on the market is therefore the one they are seeking.  Protecting your family in the event of a crash is the number one factor for many buyers when seeking out a new car, truck, or SUV.  Finding the safest SUV for your family depends on a few factors, and there are some things about SUV safety that may even surprise you.

Although most people believe that the largest SUV is also the safest SUV, this is not necessarily so.  The larger your SUV the heavier it is and in many cases the higher the center of gravity.  This means that a large SUV is more prone to rolling over in a crash or even in a turn taken too fast.  This means that the largest SUV choices on the market are not the safest SUV options in all cases. 

Every SUV on the market goes through the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s crash test and is given a safety rating, just as every other type of passenger vehicle does.  To choose the safest SUV, the best place to start is with their list.  Each year a list is released of the safest vehicles on the road, further broken down into categories of type of vehicle.

In 2010, six SUVs were given the honor of being rated the top safety picks of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.  These six safest SUV choices are the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Chevrolet Equinox, the GMC Terrain, the Kia Sorrento, the Toyota Highlander and the Toyota Venza.  Any car on this list can be counted on to be one of the safest SUV picks you can make.  The vehicles on the list also represent a range of SUV sizes, from the relatively small Equinox to the larger Grand Cherokee. 

Picking the safest SUV also means knowing how to handle and operate a large vehicle on the road.  A car can only be as safe as its driver, so if you have not driven an SUV before, take some time to learn about the features of the vehicle, how to use four wheel drive if the SUV is equipped with it, and how to handle the larger size of the vehicle safely.  Remember that even the safest SUV can’t protect you from driver error, so make sure you are prepared to handle the size and power of the vehicle.

The safest SUV models on the market are all guaranteed to withstand a crash as well as is currently expected by the safety standards of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.  They are also equipped with all of the latest safety equipment such as air bags and the LATCH car seat system.  Be sure that you know how to properly use all of the safety features of your SUV so that they can do the job they were designed for and keep you and your family safer on the road.

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