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The Spinal Decompression Machine Explained

The Spinal Decompression Machine Explained

Each year millions of people suffer from lower back pain caused by an unusual amount of pressure on the spine.  Fortunately, a lot of people find that much of this pain can be alleviated using a spinal decompression machine.  In this article we will briefly define spinal decompression therapy using a spinal decompression machine and go over some of the specifics involved in the process.

Spinal Decompression Therapy Explained

Not so long ago, the only treatment strategy available for chronic low back pain was open back surgery.  These types of procedures were not only dangerous, but according to statistics, they are usually only about 60 percent effective in providing lasting relief from pain.  In many cases, these surgeries wind up causing more problems than they address. Thankfully, there is now another way.

The process of spinal decompression therapy using a spinal decompression machine is an effective treatment option for those suffering from pressure on the spine caused by certain disc disorders and injuries.  This includes discs that have slipped or even those which have become herniated or bulging disks.  A spinal decompression machine provides relief from these disc-related disorders by helping to take the pressure off the spine.

How Do Spinal Decompression Machines Work?

Spinal decompression machines are now considered one of the safest and most non-invasive treatment options for those suffering from lower back pain.  Operated by a qualified professional who is specially trained in disc decompression, spinal decompression machines allow for more space in the spinal canal by decompressing the discs of the spine.  This decompression takes pressure off the spine and the nerves of the back by moving the bones and tissue away from the spinal cord.

A spinal decompression machine carefully and gently stretches the spine, relieving the pressure caused by herniated or bulging disks.  This helps to properly align the spine and relieves pressure on the surrounding nerves.  By freeing up this valuable space between the discs it gives the nerves and tissues in the surrounding area a chance to heal correctly.

Spinal Decompression:  The Process

Spinal decompression usually begins with a patient lying prostrate on a therapeutic table.  The table is connected to a computer via a series of wires, and the computer sends electronic signals to the machine with instructions to decompress and align the spine.  Patients typically wear a padded harness during the procedure and will be treated to gentle pressure in the affected area.  This helps the machine focus on the disc or discs that are causing the pain.  These sessions are typically repeated in 12-40 one hour sessions over a period of a few weeks.  Those undergoing spinal decompression therapy consistently report at least mild relief from their pain in about 80 percent of cases.

Decompression therapy is used by doctors and chiropractors alike in treating back and neck pain caused by unusual pressure on the spine.  The treatment is covered by most major insurance policies, and while there are certain spinal decompression machines available for home use, it is recommended, due to the many hidden risks involved, that you first seek the advice and help of a trained medical professional.

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