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The Tent Air Conditioner: A Better Kind of Camping

The Tent Air Conditioner: A Better Kind of Camping

Camping is a great way to get out in nature and enjoy the beauty of the scenery and wildlife. It can also be uncomfortable if weather conditions become too hot or too cold. In the summer, a tent air conditioner is a great way of making your sleeping accommodations more pleasant even if the heat outside is too much. The tent air conditioner lets you take a little bit of the climate control comfort of home with you even if you are camping in a remote location.

Most tent air conditioner models run on battery power, which makes them useable even in campgrounds with no power hookups. They are compact and portable and make it easy to improve the climate inside your tent during the day or at night. There are a number of different types of tent air conditioner that use different methods to keep the temperature down inside a tent.

One of these models uses a chest full of ice that you provide, and is then placed on top of the ice. It draws the cool air from the chest upwards and then spreads it throughout the interior of the tent. This method is easy and the tent air conditioner unit itself is affordable, but if you run out of ice and are a long way from a store where you can obtain more, you will find it becomes useless quickly. For quick weekend camping trips it is a good solution, but for longer trips far from civilization, it might not be the right answer.

There are also some versions that include a mister, releasing a fine mist of cool water into the air and easily bringing down the temperature. These units run with or without ice and they are therefore usable even if you do run out of ice.

The largest and most powerful models of the tent air conditioner generally do require some sort of power source. They will work best in campgrounds that have electrical hook ups where you can plug them in. A generator is also an option for running a more powerful tent air conditioner, but they can be noisy and hard to lug around with you when you go camping. Still, if you camp in areas of extreme heat, you might find it worthwhile to have such a unit with you.

A tent air conditioner doesn’t need to cool a very large area, as even the biggest tents are relatively small spaces. Therefore the smaller models are probably a good choice for most people. Use them sparingly to save battery power and ice, and you will be able to get through the worst heat of the day without suffering too much. Tents tend to trap heat especially if they are placed in the sun, so try to put your tent in the shade; once you run the tent air conditioner once and keep the tent shaded it should be fairly easy to keep it cool inside for the rest of the camping trip.

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