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The Thread Face Lift Procedure Explained

The Thread Face Lift Procedure Explained

For those looking for a faster and more affordable means of improving their looks, the thread face lift is a good option to consider.  If you are looking into surgery to reverse the signs of aging on your face, there are a few options, and the thread face lift is one of the latest choices to become available.  Safer, more convenient and less expensive than a traditional face lift, the thread face lift is growing in popularity.

The basic concept behind a thread face lift is to use invisible surgical grade threads to hold the skin of the face in a position that pulls it back and stretches the skin to create a smoother appearance.  The thread face lift can reduce wrinkling and sagging in the cheeks, along the jawline and in the neck, and in many cases it is more effective on these areas than a traditional face lift would be.  During the procedure, thin threads are inserted through tiny incisions along the area to be lifted.  The threads are then pulled back and knotted off in the hair line, creating an invisible lift.  

The procedure is quick and is done while the patient is awake, allowing them to see the results instantly.  In many cases anesthesia is not even necessary.  There is no recovery time as with a traditional surgical face lift and those who have the procedure done get immediate results with little to no down time.  The thread itself is invisible once inserted, and there is no scarring as would be risked with a surgical face lift.  

The thread face lift is generally recommended for those who are experiencing early signs of aging.  Sagging along the cheeks and jawline and in the neck area as well as wrinkling of the skin can be quickly reversed with a thread face lift.  Not everyone will be a candidate for this procedure, however, as advanced aging may need surgical help to get the best results.  For those who just want a quick lift and don’t want to go under the knife, however, the thread face lift is an excellent option.

Because the procedure is much simpler and less involved, the thread face lift generally costs about half of what you would expect to pay for a surgical face lift, although the price varies depending on where you live and the doctor you choose.  The risks of the thread face lift procedure are also far more minimal than with surgery.  Most of the potential risks are minor and include rare infections, migration of the thread into the wrong position, numbness in the area that should subside with time, and of course the risk of the results not living up to the expectations.

The thread face lift is a great option for anyone who just needs a little help obtaining a more youthful appearance.  Although it is a new procedure in the realm of cosmetic surgery, it is quickly gaining popularity and more and more doctors are performing the procedure.  This should make it easier to find an experienced cosmetic surgeon in your area to perform your thread face lift.

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