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The Travel Cot Explained

The Travel Cot Explained

A travel cot is a convenient bed for people of any ages when travelling and in need of a quick and easy place to sleep.  Many people use the travel cot for a wide variety of purposes, from an extra bed in a hotel room to a camping bed when they are tenting.  The travel cot is also a popular choice as a portable bed for children, who may sleep free in many hotels but still need their own place.

The travel cot is usually a basic folding bed that provides a springy surface to support the weight of the person sleeping on it.  Unlike other travel beds, a travel cot does not need to be inflated or have any padding that makes it difficult to fold up.  A travel cot is a very basic sleeping surface, but can provide enough comfort for a decent night’s sleep, especially if the person using it does not weigh too much. 

The weight issue is why the travel cot is such a good choice for children.  There are a number of types of travel cot models on the market for kids, even models for toddlers who are new to sleeping out of a crib.  The bed being low to the ground means that a restless sleeper won’t have far to fall if they squirm their way off the bed.  Young children and toddlers don’t need much room to sleep, so the travel cot models designed for them are small and can fold up quite compactly for easy carrying when you travel.

A travel cot is a great extra bed for guests, especially if your children have friends spending the night.  Although you probably wouldn’t offer it as a guest bed to your grandparents, it is the perfect choice for single people or children.  Keeping a travel cot around the house means you will always have a place for a visitor to sleep.

Carrying a travel cot with you is a great idea if you are visiting relatives and aren’t sure they have enough sleeping space for everyone.  Providing a bed for yourself or your children in someone else’s home takes some of the pressure off of your hosts.  You will always be sure your children have a convenient place to sleep if you keep a couple of small travel cot models in the car.

Of course, travel cots are a great choice for camping.  They keep you up off of the cold ground and away from moisture that can seep in.  Unlike an air mattress, they can’t be punctured and leave you sleeping on the ground in the middle of the night.  They are generally durable and impervious to mold and mildew, and are easy to clean.

Wherever your travels take you, be it a campground or a friend’s home, taking along a travel cot is a good idea, especially if you have children.  They are affordable and easy to carry, and will keep you from ever having to sleep on the ground, no matter where you wind up.

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