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The Truck Welding Bed Guide

The Truck Welding Bed Guide

Welding beds are specialty beds for pickups and other trucks that include welding tools and equipment. With a welding bed, you can do all the work that you would do from a fully stocked machine shop anywhere you need. A welding bed for your truck is perfect if you don’t have room for a home workshop or you need to be able to move your welding machinery from place to place for big projects or a job.

You can purchase a new truck already outfitted with a welding bed, or you can purchase a welding bed to fit a truck you already own. If you are buying a welding bed, you can find one that can be purchased as-is to be attached to your truck, or you can have a customized welding bed designed to perfectly fit your needs and your truck.

It is recommended that a welding bed be placed on a large truck, because carting around a welding bed requires a significant amount of space and horsepower. In order to allow the truck to drive safely while still providing ample room for storage and work, some welding beds can roll out or extend once you are ready to use your portable workshop.

With a welding bed, you can do more than just weld. A truck with a welding bed effectively gives you a portable machine shop. The increased space and power provided by a welding bed means you can also transport and use cutting equipment, recessed sumps, and plenty of supplies such as cylinders, rods and wire. Whether you project calls for the use a lathe or the transport of a large spool of cable, a welding bed can handle it!

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