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The Truth About Ballerina Tea

The Truth About Ballerina Tea

If you are looking for a diet aid that can help you to drop excess weight, then you may be considering Ballerina tea – just the word ballerina conjures up images of slender, elegantly twirling women. This might make weight loss tea seem like an ideal option to help you lose water weight and lose a few dress sizes. However, before starting any new diet regimen it is important that you not only consult with your medical professional to ensure that you are healthy enough for your new diet plan, but also educate yourself about the side effects of ballerina tea and other dieting supplements.

The Ingredients

Containing no caffeine, the ingredients in ballerina tea are all botanically based; however, the fact that a product is comprised of natural ingredients should not allow dieters to believe that there are no serious side effects with drinking the tea.

One of the primary ingredients contained within this dieters tea is an extract from the senna plants. When used in moderation, senna extracts can work as a purgative which means that they will cause a laxative effect in those who have ingested it.

Side Effects To Be Aware Of

Before you take ballerina tea it is important that you understand the potential side effects that you may experience. Several of the side effects may not just be unpleasant but they may also interfere with the effectiveness of certain prescription medications that you are taking.

  • Cramping And Diarrhea - Because the primary ingredient in this tea is a known natural laxative, those who take it are very likely to experience mild to severe diarrhea. Abdominal cramping is known to accompany the onset of diarrhea so you may experience mild to severe cramping. The severity of your condition will depend greatly on the amount of tea that you consume so be sure to cut back if you feel that this side effect is one that is adversely affecting your lifestyle.
  • Vomiting - While the side effects of using weight loss tea generally relate to abdominal cramping and diarrhea, drinking this tea may result in vomiting. Nausea and dizziness might also accompany the vomiting.
  • Words Of Caution - Remember that while ballerina tea can help you to drop a few pounds, the weight that you lose will be primarily water as the tea does not contain any ingredients that could aid in the loss of fat; to ensure that you lose weight in the correct manner, and in a long-lasting manner, you should embark on a weight loss program that includes a proper diet and a full exercise program. There are potential long-lasting side effects with using laxatives, even if they’re derived from a natural source so be certain that you don’t use the tea for an extended period of time.

As already mentioned, you should always consult with a medical professional before starting on any new health plan; women who are pregnant or nursing should pay special attention to the warnings of their doctors as even something that appears to be as benign as a dieting tea could have adverse health effects on the baby.

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