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The Truth About Deer Antler Plus

The Truth About Deer Antler Plus

Deer Antler Plus is a unique, natural supplement that promises to provide enhanced sexual performance for men, allowing for better stamina and more intense pleasure. The main ingredient in Deer Antler Plus is the velvet from deer antlers, which is harvested from animals in New Zealand and contains a combination of amino acids, hormones, minerals and more having unique properties said to provide improved sexual performance when used as a supplement by men.

Deer Antler Plus is a completely natural supplement that is generally safe for men to take on a regular basis. The concept is not a new one, as deer antler velvet has been used as a male sexual performance enhancer for many years by ancient cultures such as the Chinese. Deer antler velvet is a substance that covers the antlers of the male deer each year as the antlers grow and form more bone. Deer generally rub the velvet off on trees, and harvesting it for use in the Deer Antler Plus product does not hurt or damage the deer. It is considered a sustainable product.

Deer Antler Plus makes a lot of promises; it is said to provide more lasting erections, enhance sexual desire and stamina, increase volume of ejaculate and make orgasm more pleasurable. Deer antler velvet has also been used to cure a wide variety of ailments for thousands of years. Deer Antler Plus does contain all of the ingredients that deer antler velvet are known for, although the quality of the velvet can vary based on time of harvesting and the age and health of the animal. The Deer Antler Plus company promises that they harvest only the highest quality deer antler velvet for use in their product; still some variation can be expected.

There are few scientific studies available on the use of deer antler velvet either as a male sexual enhancer or as a cure for other ailments. Most of the evidence that supports the product is anecdotal. Users of the product do generally report an improvement in their sexual desire and performance, but objective reviews are difficult to locate. Reviews of the product from male performance enhancer websites and product reviewers are generally favorable, supporting the claims the Deer Antler Plus company makes about their product.

Deer Antler Plus is one of many natural male sexual performance enhancers available on the market today. For those in search of an answer to lack of sexual desire, erectile dysfunction or poor stamina, natural products are often one of the most popular choices due to a lower incidence of side effects and less risk to general health. The bottom line is that whatever your personal results from the use of Deer Antler Plus, there are no recorded risks or side effects to taking the supplement; in other words, it probably won’t hurt to try it.

Deer Antler Plus is available from the company’s website directly or from any number of online retailers of health and beauty products as well as sexual health retailers.

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