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The Truth About Fat Girl Slim

The Truth About Fat Girl Slim

Created by boutique skin and body care company Bliss, Fat Girl Slim is a firming cellulite reduction cream that is intedned to create a smoother look on the surface of the skin.  Cellulite is the lumpy look that is created by pockets of fat under the surface of the skin.  It is most commonly seen in women, and rare in men due to difference in the skin surface.  Fat Girl Slim is one of the many topical products on the market that are aimed at reducing the lumpy appearance of cellulite; as with most of these products, many people are very skeptical about the results.

Cellulite is incredibly difficult to get rid of, with many women turning to liposuction as an option that really works.  There are however a few ingredients that are known to help firm and tone the surface of the skin and make cellulite less noticeable.  Fat Girl Slim is one of these creams.  It contains, among other ingredients, caffeine, which is known to create a smoother look on the skin and help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Many women are rightfully skeptical of cellulite reducing creams like Fat Girl Slim.  In most cases, these creams make a lot of promises that they can’t keep.  However, a lot of the disappointment with these creams stems from the unrealistic expectations that women have when they decide to start using them.  Fat Girl Slim is not a surgical procedure, and only works on the surface of the skin.  To expect Fat Girl Slim or any other cellulite cream to completely eradicate your cellulite is unrealistic.  If you are looking to see some small improvement and have your skin look smoother and the cellulite less obvious, you will be happy with the results.

Most users of Fat Girl Slim give it positive reviews, while some other users say it doesn’t work at all.  The variation in results can be blamed on a wide variety of factors.  The severity of the cellulite problem, the expectations of the user, and of course the condition of their skin can all contribute to how well Fat Girl Slim is perceived to be working.  Severe cases of cellulite will likely only see improvement with surgical intervention, while more mild cases are more likely to enjoy success from the use of Fat Girl Slim.

When you start using Fat Girl Slim, you should be sure to read the directions carefully in order to use it properly.  If you aren’t applying it regularly or properly, it probably won’t work for you.  Have realistic expectations about how well it will work!  Remember that cellulite is under the surface of the skin, and no topical application can really get rid of it.  However, based on the evidence it is likely that some improvement will be seen with the proper use of Fat Girl Slim to treat the surface appearance of cellulite.  Users report tighter, smoother skin and a reduction in how noticeable cellulite is.  When it comes to finding a cellulite product that works, Fat Girl Slim does appear to be promising.

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