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The Truth About Hemp Protein Powder

The Truth About Hemp Protein Powder

One of the newest protein options on the market, hemp protein powder is a unique product that provides a balanced source of all the needed amino acids complete proteins should provide. Hemp protein powder can be added to all kinds of foods for a protein boost.

In early 2001, a millwright in central Canada was given a grant that allowed him to do some research into better ways to mill rice. At the same time, he started looking at hemp as a possible protein food source. His discoveries led to the new method of milling hemp that allows for the production of hemp protein powder. Today many different companies process hemp seeds into hemp protein powder for sale across North America.

Hemp protein powder is a natural plant source of amino acids found in proteins, which makes it an excellent choice for vegetarians who need to maintain a healthy level of amino acids without eating meat. In most cases, animal sources of protein provide the most balanced levels of the amino acids needed for life. Our bodies can no produce these amino acids, so we must obtain them from our diet. Hemp protein powder provides an easy and excellent natural source of these necessary amino acids without animals, and is a sustainable crop as well.

Although not all of the amino acids found in hemp protein powder occur naturally, it can easily be enriched to provide a complete protein. A complete protein is one that provides all of the needed amino acids; the enriching process is safe and makes hemp protein powder one of the few complete sources that are not animal based.

Hemp protein powder is safe to use and can be added to smoothies for a boost of protein. There are no known risks or side effects to using hemp protein powder. It is commonly used by bodybuilders but it is a good choice for just about anyone who needs extra protein in their diet. Hemp protein powder is easy to digest and actually has a pleasant taste which makes it a great addition to a protein shake. There are also many recipes available that use hemp protein powder as a nutritional boost.

Hemp protein powder comes from hemp seed harvested in many different locations, although the original millwright in Canada has laid the foundation for a strong hemp seed production there, and man of the popular brands of hemp protein powder come from that area. Even well known natural brands such as Red Mill, known for specialty flours and grains now produce and market hemp protein powder.

Hemp protein powder is such a good source of protein that in many areas it is poised to overtake soy as the alternative protein of choice. Soy is known to be highly allergenic, while hemp protein powder is a less likely allergen, making it a better choice for those with food sensitivities and allergies. Hemp protein powder is a safe, natural and excellent method of getting a complete protein source in your diet.

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