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The Truth About Innovative Tax Relief

The Truth About Innovative Tax Relief

Innovative Tax Relief is a company based out of the Los Angeles area in California that offers assitance to people struggling with tax problems.  They advertise as a company that can help get you out of just about any tax situation; Innovative Tax Relief promises to stop all the harassing phone calls from the IRS and remove all levies from your paychecks.  Unfortunately, the history of Innovative Tax Relief shows that they have not performed as they promised and many of their clients were deeply disappointed in the service that they received.

A quick review of the comments that have been posted online regarding Innovative Tax Relief shows that many clients were not pleased with the results.  They report failure to successfully deal with tax problems, continued tax levies and phone calls from the IRS, and a lack of concern on the part of the company and its employees, who continually avoided dealing with customer complaints and issues.  Most of the comments about Innovative Tax Relief online have been negative, and clients have been clearly very upset and angry as a result of their interaction with the company.

The Better Business Bureau’s report on Innovative Tax Relief bears out what the online reports have been saying.  The company currently has an F rating and many complaints have been filed against them.  Most of the complaints that have been reported to Innovative Tax Relief appear to have been ignored.  The company has made no effort to respond to the many complaints online or defend its reputation.

With the many available tax assistance companies in the country today, it would seem that anyone seeking help with a tax relief problem would be better off to avoid Innovative Tax Relief.  In spite of the promises the company has made in television advertising, there is no evidence that they have been of any assitance to their clients, and the general sense of anger and disappointment surrounding discussions and reviews of the company make it obvious they are not living up to their promises.

Innovative Tax Relief has taken money from people who in good faith trusted them to take care of a very difficult situation, and many of those people were left in a worse situation than before.  The lesson that should be taken from the available information on the suffering and difficulties faced by Innovative Tax Relief‘s customers is that anyone seeking assistance with a tax problem should do some careful research before trusting any company to take care of the issue.  There are many reputable and truly helpful tax relief companies out there, and fortunately the internet makes it possible for people to do full research and avoid the kind of situation that is repeatedly seen in the reviews of Innovative Tax Relief.

Before you hire any tax relief company, be certain that you know their reputation and have evidence that they can truly do what they promise to do.  Companies like Innovative Tax Relief often prey on the desperation of people struggling with tax problems; use caution and do your research!

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