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The Truth About the Acne Spot Treatment

The Truth About the Acne Spot Treatment

Acne is an annoying problem that affects people of all ages and of both genders.  There are plenty of different types of acne fighting products out there, and acne spot treatments are one of the most popular.  This is because most acne spot treatments promise to get rid of a breakout overnight.  While the bride who gets a pimple the day before the wedding and the teenager who breaks out right before the prom may desperately want an acne spot treatment to do just that, the claims of these products need to be taken with a grain of salt.

There are a few types of acne spot treatment, and they contain one of three common ingredients.  These are salicylic acid, benzoil peroxide, and sulphur.  Some may contain a combination of ingredients.  While all three of these ingredients are effective at fighting acne, there is no real evidence that any of them can cause a blemish to vanish overnight.

Of course, the results that you will get from any acne spot treatment depend on a variety of factors.  One of these factors is the severity of the breakout.  If you catch a pimple early, clean it carefully and apply an acne spot treatment and then leave it alone, you have a good chance of seeing a big improvement even overnight.  However, a pimple that is inflamed and one that has been picked at or popped and is forming a scab is nearly impossible to treat overnight.  No acne spot treatment can make a pimple completely vanish that quickly, but it is possible to see a vast improvement if you catch it early.

This doesn’t mean that the acne spot treatment is a useless product – far from it.  It simply means that they don’t generally work at the speed they are promised to work at.  Using an acne spot treatment to place the medication only where you need it can prevent an all over application from drying out the skin on the rest of your face, where no acne needs to be treated.  If you have only a few pimples here and there, it makes far more sense to use an acne spot treatment than to apply an acne treatment to the entire face.

Used properly and religiously, an acne spot treatment can be very effective at reducing the length of time a blemish is present and helping it to clear up faster.  The ingredients in most of the spot treatments can definitely be effective, and over the course of a few days you should see your breakout disappearing.  Just don’t count on it to take care of any pimple in a matter of hours; that simply isn’t possible with any acne spot treatment.

The bottom line is that an acne spot treatment is a great tool for anyone who experiences minor breakouts on an occasional basis.  It lets you spot treat and can make a breakout less noticeable and faster to heal.  It won’t provide a miracle, but used correctly, it can definitely help to clear up your acne.

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