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The Truth About the Clever Clasp

The Truth About the Clever Clasp

Reaching behind your neck to fumble with tiny, stubborn jewelry clasps is a frustrating – and for some, downright impossible – task. It can be a juggling act to keep hair out of the way while struggling to keep hold of the tiny mechanism to open the clasp, then it has to be held open while getting the loop into the tiny space that’s open. Clever Clasp seeks to change all that, making jewelry one of the simplest parts of getting ready for the day.

What is Clever Clasp?

Clever Clasp changes any traditional clasp into a magnetic clasp. All you have to do is bring the two ends close to one another, and the magnets will immediately click together, securing your jewelry in place without any fumbling, grasping, or juggling on your part. While other similar products require jeweler’s tools to apply, the Clever Clasp attaches to your jewelry without requiring any special tools or knowledge. Simply attach it once, and the Clever Clasp is ready to use.

Does it Really Work?

Some magnetic products for jewelry seem unstable, coming apart at a simple tug on the necklace. But Clever Clasp was designed for ease of use and security, with a double-lock clasp. It’s extra secure, with a powerful magnet and a twist-lock to keep your jewelry in place.

Necklaces are only one of the jewelry pieces that can be improved with the ease of Clever Clasp. Bracelets and anklets can also use this ingenious device. No more wrestling or struggling to keep one end of a bracelet in place while attaching the other end. The Clever Clasp allows you to simply drape the bracelet in place and allow the magnets to do all the work.

Who is it For?

While anyone can benefit from the advantages of the Clever Clasp, the elderly and those suffering from arthritis find this device particularly useful. Arthritis and similar conditions make it all but impossible to use traditional clasps, leaving jewelry boxes filled with beautiful but completely unusable pieces. Women suffering from these conditions find themselves forced to leave their favorite necklaces and bracelets behind because the physical pain involved when putting jewelry on.

The Clever Clasp is the perfect solution to this problem. Attach the Clever Clasp once, and you will never have to painfully struggle with clasps again. Whether it goes around your neck, your wrist, or your ankle, you will be free to wear any jewelry you desire. Arthritis or other afflictions of the hand will no longer prevent you from enjoying your favorite pieces.

The ease, simplicity, and pain-free manner of use makes the Clever Clasp perfect for any age. Young fingers can find clasps difficult and frustrating, as children lack the fine-motor coordination necessary to fix the ring into the clasp. Add a Clever Clasp to a child’s jewelry, and she will be able to put on her own necklaces or bracelets without needing an adult’s help. As any mother knows, the more her children can do on their own, the smoother the morning routine goes!

How Much Does it Cost?

The Clever Clasp is affordable, only costing $9.95 plus shipping and handling for four clasps, two in gold tone and two in silver tone. Not only that, but two extenders are also included, one in each tone. These three-inch chains can add extra length to any necklace or bracelet, making for a more comfortable fit or ensuring that your favorite jewelry lands at the correct length.

Putting on jewelry can be a hassle, with clasps that are difficult to begin with, but also easily begin to stick or jam with repeated use. The Clever Clasp offers a simple and affordable solution, turning the juggling act into a breeze. It’s a perfect gift – whether for someone you know or as a special treat to yourself.

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