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The Truth About the Ionic Pet Brush

The Truth About the Ionic Pet Brush

There are no two ways about it, no matter how often you bath your dog, your home, your furniture and even you will be plagued with the smell of your pet! After a run in the rain you are much more likely to have the overwhelming smell of dog lingering in your home. The Ionic Pet Brush has entered into the market as a potential solution to help dog owners rid themselves of the wet dog smell once and for all. However – before you rush out and purchase one, it is important to find out if it actually works like it is marketed to.

How It Works

The Ionic pet brush is sold as being the ultimate solution for dog owners who perhaps do not have the time to bath their dogs every single day. Marketed as a replacement for a bath, this brush not only works to brush your dog’s fur and remove excess hair that would otherwise have been shed onto your floors but it also releases ozone into the air while it is in use. The levels of ozone that are released are considered to be safe and harmless – their only purpose is to remove odors from the air.

This pet brush is sold with two combs of differing lengths that are suitable for both long-haired dogs and shorter haired dogs which makes it ideal for just about any dog breed.

Features Of The Brush

Unlike many similar gadgets on the market, the Ionic pet brush operates on a 9 volt battery, which helps to ensure a much longer battery life versus using AA batteries.

With a very user-friendly design function, this brush is incredibly easy for every pet owner to use. Simply push the on-button and brush your dog – a helpful tip is to first remove any matted hair from long-haired dogs as this could prove to be difficult to brush out using the Ionic brush.

Value Versus Cost

The Ionic pet brush ranges in price from $20 to $60, so it is important for pet owners to be savvy consumers and ensure that the brushes that they are purchasing are not just the genuine article, but that they are also the right size for the dog that you have.

Purchasing the smallest Ionic pet brush to save a few dollars can prove to be a very time-consuming problem for a pet owner who is trying to brush a Labrador with a brush otherwise suitable for a Chihuahua.

As an overall value for pet owners, many reviewers claim that this brush is definitely well worth the money spent on it. While it won’t help to restore a healthy shine back into your dog’s coat, it will definitely help to remove the odors that otherwise would need to be washed out in the tub.

If you are looking to bring a healthy and vibrant shine back into your dog’s coat consider using a nourishing conditioner the next time that you give him a bath. Additionally, fish oil capsules added to his diet can help to eliminate dry skin and the effects of having dry and brittle fur!

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