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The Truth Behind Dental School Rankings

The Truth Behind Dental School Rankings

If you’re a prospective dental school student, dental school rankings are understandably important to you, but according to several experts, these rankings can be a bit misleading. In this article we will discuss the dental school rankings in some detail, and hopefully help you make sense out of the data.

What Are the Dental School Rankings?

First of all, and this is important to note, the list of dental school rankings is not compiled by the American Dental Association, nor is it developed by any US government agency. No, the dental school rankings are supplied by a magazine, specifically US News and World Report, which annually publishes a list of the top dental and medical schools in the country. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that the list is inaccurate, but it is an important fact to consider before assuming the list is the “gospel” in terms of quality dental education.

The truth, according to the American Dental Association, is that each and every accredited dental school in the country is a “good” school, and that any list that tries to prioritize or rank them is a bit subjective. Still, one has to wonder how many “where should I go to school” decisions have been made based solely on the information contained in this annual list of dental school rankings.

What Do the Dental School Rankings Take Into Consideration?

The dental school rankings which are published by US News and World Report are based on a number of different weighted rubrics and factors. Each school is measured on the quality and availability of their research facilities and the reported faculty to student ratio. In addition, the rankings look at other factors including, but not limited to, tuition, placement statistics, average GPA and student life.

How Can the Dental School Ranking Help Students?

While the subjective ranking of each dental school may be up for debate, these lists can help prospective dental students out in a number of ways. For instance, dental students who are thinking about specializing in a particular niche of dentistry, say, orthodontics or oral surgery, can use the list of dental rankings to determine which schools offer these specialty programs. These schools will often have access to cutting edge data and research technology that can give the dental student a decided edge both in school and after graduation.

Another function of the dental school rankings is that it may help postgraduate students locate internships and postgraduate residencies in certain specialized fields. Naturally, the schools with the higher rankings will offer more opportunities for advanced research and dental practice beyond graduation.

Dental School Rankings: A Summary

Dental school rankings are not official, but supplied by US World and News Report and based on how schools scored according to their rubrics. But, although dental school rankings can be a bit subjective, and while it’s true that every dental school which has received accreditation offers a quality dental education, the list can be a useful tool for those students interested in a specialized field or niche of dentistry and for postgraduate students seeking a specialized residency after graduation.

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