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The Ultimate Hazelnut Coffee Guide

The Ultimate Hazelnut Coffee Guide

Words cannot express the delight that most people get from waking up to the fragrant smell of hazelnut coffee. Even if you are wandering through your local mall, the distinctive aroma is hard to mistake, a smell that tantalizes the taste buds well before you pick up your drink. However, if you want to get the best variety, this ultimate guide will give you the best hazelnut flavor that money can buy.

When coffee beans introduced hot and cold coffees across the globe, the habits of generations were transformed, not just by the caffeine, but by the myriad of flavors that enabled everyone to get their ultimate coffee hit. Hazelnut coffee brought about a new revolution in coffee drinkers, offering a broad range of options that many of us cannot wait to savor. In fact, the hazelnut variety is one of the world’s most popular flavors, making for many of us, the perfect cup of coffee.

Enhancing the Hazelnut Coffee Flavors

Because hazelnut coffee has such a nutty and creamy flavor, many people have enhanced it by adding spices and creams to their drinks. With the addition of creams and even liqueurs, it is possible to produce a sweet, yet buttery flavored hazelnut experience with a deep rich color and very aromatic scent. Regardless of which roast type you choose, dark or light, only the best Arabica coffee beans can truly bring out true nature of hazelnuts.

If you are choosing hazelnut coffees, some of the richest flavors are enhanced with Ethiopian and Sumatran coffee. However, if you want a real kick and buttery flavor, Espresso adds a richness that is not found with any other combination. In addition, the beans that you choose have to be oily, as beans that appear too dry will lack the chemical interaction that will draw out the hazelnut flavor, sometimes making the nuts taste bitter. Also, you are better roasting your beans yourself if you can to ensure that the strongest intensity is reached. Mild coffees simply make the hazelnut flavoring seem to bland and boring.

Grinding and Brewing in Your Own Home

The brewing aspect of hazelnut coffee is another thing that you need to take into consideration before you get your cup ready. Freshly grinding your beans in your kitchen allows the oils to be released from the beans, so when you add in the hazelnut flavoring, the richness of both the coffee and nut oils blend for the perfect combination. That is why you should invest in a top quality roaster/grinder if you want the ultimate hazelnut coffee experience.

Finally, once you have prepared your beans, let them soak in a hazelnut syrup or liqueur before putting them into your coffee machine to brew. You should set your brew according to the strength that you need and adjust it accordingly until you get that flavor that appeal most to you. Remember, that your hazelnut coffee should never be bitter, bland or overpowered by the coffee flavor. Each flavor must blend together well enough so that your hazelnut stands out just enough to enhance the coffee to its fullest potential. Plus if you want to create a really rich hazelnut flavor, add just a hint of bittersweet chocolate to make your hazelnut flavor nuttier and creamier.

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