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The Veterinary Assistant Salary Guide

The Veterinary Assistant Salary Guide

A veterinary assistant does a wide range of tasks in a veterinary office or animal hospital, and is an important part of the animal care and treatment team. There is a range of veterinary assistant salary possibilities depending on a number of important factors. What you can expect from your veterinary assistant salary will be determined by where you work, how long you have been in the field and the cost of living and salary standards in your area.

The veterinary assistant salary range is of course lowest for entry level veterinary assistants who are just out of school and starting their first job in the field. Those who choose to work in a regular vet clinic or office will probably make a little less than a veterinary assistant salary at an emergency or after hours animal hospital. This is due to the stress level as well as the irregular hours that emergency services can mean. The regular office hours in a vet clinic mean easier working schedules but most likely a lower pay scale.

Once you have been working in the field for a while you are likely to see a rise in your veterinary assistant salary. Experience counts for a lot in this field, and those who have proven themselves to be reliable and have grown their knowledge with practice and experience are eligible for a higher salary. As with any career, the longer you work at it the more you will make. But again, as with any career, the veterinary assistant salary does reach a ceiling at some point.

The area of the country in which you live will also have an impact on your veterinary assistant salary. In areas where cost of living is very high, you can expect higher salaries for most jobs in order to allow people to pay their bills. In areas with a low cost of living salary may be lower for all jobs, including the veterinary assistant salary.

The average veterinary assistant salary in the United States is around $26,000 per year. The range starts around $16,000 per year and can go up above $40,000 per year. This high end of the range is likely to be seen by experienced veterinary assistants working in areas where pay is generally on the higher side. In all areas of the country, however the veterinary assistant salary range starts on the low end and will eventually rise.

For anyone who loves working with animals, a veterinary assistant career is a great choice. It offers marketable skills that can be used just about anywhere in the country along with a good work environment and generally good hours. The veterinary assistant salary will allow you to enjoy a good lifestyle, especially as you proceed further into your career and improve your skills. In many cases it is also a very good starting point for anyone wanting to pursue further education in the veterinary medicine field, allowing you to work in the area while you learn more and achieve the next level.

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