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Tips for a Successful Casino Night Fundraiser

Tips for a Successful Casino Night Fundraiser

There’s nothing as satisfying as giving back to your community, which is why so many individuals and companies put together various fundraisers. Everyone knows (and has probably participated in) them all. There are fun runs, bake sales, silent auctions, and more.

If you want to put an interesting twist on the fundraiser, try organizing a casino night. Done right, both the proceeds and the fun factor can be high, but how do you ensure that a casino night fundraiser goes smoothly? There are several factors to consider and pitfalls to avoid.

Decide on a Cause

First and foremost, decide on your cause. Maybe you want to donate to animal shelters, or maybe you want to raise funds to stem domestic violence. Whatever the cause, make sure the people in your community are also passionate about it. If people know their money is being sent to a cause about which they have strong feelings, they are much more likely to attend (and spend).

Stay Within Budget

Once your cause is chosen, the actual organization can begin. No matter what you plan, you want to make sure the casino night is a fun time for all. The more fun it is, the more people that will show up, and the more money you can raise. But you have to be careful that you don’t organize something that’s going to blow your budget. Otherwise, you’ll start eating into your proceeds that should be going to the charity.

Major costs at a fundraising event like a casino night are generally food and venue. See if you can organize the food as a potlatch. Everyone brings something with them. In this way, the cost of the food is dispersed among many, and you don’t have to shell out a lot to a costly caterer or restaurant. When divvying the food, make a list of what needs to be brought and let people sign out what they want to bring. If the food isn’t organized, you might end up with a lot of desserts but no main course!

Venues can also be extremely costly, so eliminate this expense by finding someone that’s willing to host the event at his or her private home. If possible, hold the event in the summer so the backyard can also be used.

Offer Different Types of Games

Once you’ve ensured you’ve kept the costs low, focus on making the event something people will want to attend. Make sure your casino night offers a lot of diversity in the games. Not everyone likes black jack or poker, so make sure there are alternatives such as a raffle. If you offer a lot of diversity, the likelihood that more people will attend will only increase.

And the last thing to keep in mind when planning a successful casino night fundraiser is that you want to make it accessible to everyone. There may be individuals that will be put off by the idea of gambling, even if it is for charity. If that’s the case in your community, make sure there are plenty of kid-friendly events and non-gambling options as well.

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