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Tips for Choosing a Cast Iron Hibachi Grill

Tips for Choosing a Cast Iron Hibachi Grill

The hibachi is a popular form of easy to use and simple to transport grill that cooks with charcoal.  Although they are traditionally made of light metals, the cast iron hibachi grill is growing in popularity and has some distinct advantages over other types of metal.  A cast iron hibachi grill can do some jobs much better than the other types, but also has some issues that might not make it right for everyone.  Shopping for a cast iron hibachi grill will be a lot easier if you are sure of how you want to use it and know what features to look for.

A cast iron hibachi grill‘s main advantage is its ability to hold heat incredibly well.  Cast iron is known for being an excellent heat conductor and also for keep things very hot; this is why it is a popular choice for things like dutch ovens, which are used for meals that have a long, slow cooking process.  Here is where you can see how a cast iron hibachi grill might be a great choice.  If you love your meat grilled low and slow until it is falling off the bone, then cast iron as a material is the perfect choice for your grill.  The cast iron hibachi grill will do a great job of retaining heat and getting you through a long cooking process without constantly having to worry about keeping the heat level up.

A cast iron hibachi grill is also extremely durable, it will last for a long time and probably never need replacing as long as you care for it properly.  Look for a good name brand on your grill; Lodge is one of the biggest names in cast iron and you can trust them to make a quality product that is a good investment.

Remember that cast iron is incredibly heavy, and therefore not as portable as another grill type might be.  If you do want to move it around or take it with you camping, choose a somewhat smaller cast iron hibachi grill as opposed to a larger one, as this will make it easier to transport.  A larger version is better for keeping at home to do your backyard grilling.

The cast iron hibachi grill is available in several shapes, but the main two are the traditional round grill and the rectangular option.  Both work in much the same way, but the rectangular shape is best for cooking long pieces of meat such as tenderloins.  Some people find it easier to spread the charcoal evenly in a rectangular one as well, but if you like the classic round shape there is no real reason not to choose a round one.

Your cast iron hibachi grill will give you a lifetime of great cooking experiences as long as you take good care of it.  Read and follow all the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance and proper use.  With attention to those little details, you will have your cast iron hibachi grill for a very long time, and enjoy the type of cooking only cast iron can provide.

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