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Tips for Choosing a Computer Security Cabinet

Tips for Choosing a Computer Security Cabinet

There are a wide variety of computer security cabinets on the market that can protect your expensive computer equipment from a wide variety of risks and adverse conditions.  Of course, the most common reason for selecting a computer security cabinet is to keep computers safe from theft and tampering, especially when they contain sensitive information that needs to be kept safe and secure.  But there are plenty of other reasons to use a computer security cabinet, such as in harsh environments where damage to the computers might occur if they are not properly protected.

There are a few types of computer security cabinets.  The main two categories are those that are designed to hold desktop computers and those that are designed to hold laptops.  Beyond this generally classification, they vary in size and the features that they offer.  Both laptop and desktop style computer security cabinet models are available in stationary and mobile versions.  If you need to be able to move your computers from place to place and keep them secure, then a  mobile version with casters is the best way to go.  If you will be storing the computer in the same place all the time, this is not a feature you will likely need, although it does make reorganizing a room easier.

A harsh environment computer security cabinet will not only keep your equipment safe from potential theft or damage, but also from things like dust, dirt and temperature that can seriously damage computers.  The use of built in fans and temperature control allow you to use computers in areas where they would otherwise be quickly rendered useless by the environment.  For most people inside an office, this is not a necessary feature and is probably too expensive unless it is really necessary.

The different models of computer security cabinet available can suit any needs.  If you simply want to secure your computer when you are away from your desk, you can purchase a desktop cabinet that sits on top of your desk and locks up your monitor, keyboard and the computer itself if it also sits on the desktop.  If you need more space, you can purchase a large unit that will hold all of the components of your computer and even a printer if necessary.  Laptop computer security cabinet models hold a large number of laptops, and are perfect for laptop computers that are used at work but left there overnight and not taken home.  All of the laptops can be easily secured in one cabinet.

There are plenty of different looks for computer security cabinet choices as well, from wood to fit an office decor to industrial and heavy duty metals that will keep everything safe while keeping a neutral look.  Most of the cabinets on the market are made of metal because it is stronger than wood, but they come in different color options to prevent the harsh industrial look from ruining the office decor.  Remember that a computer security cabinet is about function more than appearance, and choose first based on how well it suits your needs.

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