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Tips for Choosing a Plate Rack Shelf

Tips for Choosing a Plate Rack Shelf

Are your kitchen cabinets cluttered and filled to the brim with a chaotic mess of plates and bowls that are threatening to overwhelm you? Well worry not! There is a solution to your chaotic problem: a plate rack shelf.

This simple yet incredibly useful product can help to transform the insides of your kitchen cabinets into an organized space that doesn’t just make it easy to quickly find what you need but it will also help to establish a sense of organization into your entire kitchen.

Selecting The Best Organizational System

Keep in mind that the use of a plate rack shelf does not need to be restricted only to the inside of your kitchen cabinets; if you need more space than you currently have inside of your cabinets, you can simply create a new shelf on an empty wall to organize and store your bowls, plates, and other kitchen items.

When selecting your new organizational system, consider the following tips to help set you in the right direction.

  • Look for a shelf that can accommodate the largest size plates that you have so that you can be assured that all of your dinnerware will fit neatly into your new organizational system.
  • Don’t forget about your serving platters and oversized bowls; a plate rack shelf that can hold these larger items could prove to be immensely useful.
  • Consider looking into a tiered rack that can provide you with extra space to store your bowls and cups on the upper tiers. These types of items that you may not use very often can take up a lot of excess space inside of your kitchen cabinets so organizing them neatly will help to provide you with much more in the way of functional space.
  • If you have glass fronted kitchen cabinets or open cabinets then you may want to seek out a plate rack shelf that fits in with the décor of your kitchen. With a bit of focused shopping you should be able to locate a plate shelf that not just ideally matches your kitchen cabinets but also helps to add to the visual appeal of your kitchen.
  • Consider how an elegant rack that displays your fine china while also adding to your functional storage space can add to the beauty of your kitchen. Functionality and aesthetic appeal all at once simply can’t be beaten.
  • If you are looking for a storage solution for your lower kitchen cabinets there are many budget-friendly options that can help to keep things neat and tidy. From a simple wooden rack to a plastic rack that is more function than form, there are many choices to help you get your kitchen into an organized zone that you will look forward to spending time in.

Once you have transformed your kitchen cabinets into organized spaces by using one or more plate rack shelves, consider moving on to the organization of the rest of your kitchen. A small magnetic strip to hold your metal cooking utensils and a small wall shelf to sort and organize your kitchen spices, for example, can make a great addition to your kitchen organizational project.

Photo courtesy of David Masters.

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