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Tips for Flatbed Truck Rental

Tips for Flatbed Truck Rental

A flatbed truck rental serves a very specific purpose and can do jobs that other trucks simply can not. Whether you are seeking a stake truck or a large flatbed truck designed for towing vehicles, flatbed truck rental is the perfect way to get the job done without the large investment of having to purchase a vehicle. A flatbed truck rental is the best choice for those whose needs for a flat bed truck are temporary or occasional.

Flatbed truck rental services are available from most major car and truck rental companies. For the best selection of flatbed trucks, look for a company that specializes in large truck rentals, such as Ryder or Penske. Both of these companies offer flatbed trucks as part of their fleet of rental trucks. There are also companies that offer commercial flatbed truck rental options, for companies looking to rent larger trucks or for more long term rentals.

Most flatbed trucks available for rent to the general public are in the 20-26 foot range and have a payload of up to 18,000 pounds. They are trucks with diesel engines, giving them plenty of power but also making them very loud. They are equipped with a forklift for easier lifting of your cargo in many cases; if you have large or heavy items you need to lift onto your flatbed truck rental then this feature is one you will want to seek out.

If you have never driven a truck of this size or with this kind of power before, you should bear in mind that it does take some practice. While you don’t usually need a special kind of license to obtain a flatbed truck rental, it is a very different experience from driving a car or even a large pickup truck or SUV. If you have questions about how to drive and control your flatbed truck rental, you should talk to the rental company employees prior to your rental. They can give you some tips and also go over the features of the truck with you to help you prepare for driving it.

A flatbed truck rental is the perfect choice for cargo that is an awkward size or shape, or for hauling wheeled equipment including lawn care equipment and vehicles of all kinds from tractors to ATVs. Remember that a flatbed truck is open to the elements though, so anything that you place in the back should be able to withstand rain or heat.

You should talk to your insurance company before you take on a flatbed truck rental as in some cases your coverage may not extend to such a large truck. If that is the case, the rental company will usually offer an insurance policy that covers your for any damage that might occur to the truck. This coverage is a bit expensive, but well worth it; flatbed trucks are not cheap to repair. Make sure that you are fully prepared for your flatbed truck rental so that you don’t run into any surprises should something go wrong.

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