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Tips for Great Wedding Messages

Tips for Great Wedding Messages

The term wedding messages can be taken in one of two ways.  First, a wedding message could mean the announcement or greeting sent out by the wedding party to inform potential guests of the upcoming nuptials.  However the term could also refer to the message that guests will write in either the wedding book or in a card sent to the new married couple.  In this article we will explore both of these meanings and provide some tips for creating just the right message whether you’re the one getting married or just an invited guest sharing in the joy of the newlywed couple.

Getting Married?  Tips for Creating the Perfect Wedding Message

The weeks and months prior to a wedding can be hectic for all parties involved, and a big part of this mania is preparing and sending the wedding message or announcement to the invited guests.  Many will take hours agonizing over the perfect thing to say, but to help you avoid this here are some simple tips to follow:

  • Keep It Simple.  The wedding message you send out to invited guests does not have to be flashy or poetic, nor do you need to spend thousands of dollars having a professional designer involved with your invitations.  Keep in mind that it’s your upcoming marriage that people want to share in, not necessarily the wedding, and certainly not your wedding message.
  • Speak from the Heart.  As long as you make your wedding message a reflection of how the two of you feel about each other, the exact words don’t matter much at all.  Just speak from the heart and your message will be well-received.
  • Search Online.  The internet has made our lives easier in so many ways, so why not use this resource to find just the right wedding message for your guests.  The internet is teeming with possible suggestions, themes and even colors for wedding messages, and it’s a great place for coming up with ideas.
  • Delegate.  Is the wedding message you send out really worth all the time and effort during this hectic time?  Of course not.  Free yourself up for other planning duties by delegating the responsibility of the wedding message to a family member or friend.  The bonus for using this strategy is you get to involve those you care about the most in the whole wedding process.

Going to a Wedding and Wondering What to Write?

Whether it’s a member of your family who is getting married, a close friend or even just a work colleague, what you write in either the wedding book or wedding card is certain to be read over and over by the new couple for years to come.  You want to write just the right wedding message, but where do you begin?  For starters, you can follow the tips below:

  • Keep it Short, but Sweet.  Long, windy wedding messages are more apt to be forgotten than a short message that truly captures how you feel.
  • Use Wedding Quotes.  Have you ever tried typing the term “wedding message” or “wedding quotes” into a search engine?  If you have you already know there are millions of pages of quotes and messages that are perfect for any occasion, especially weddings.
  • Be Sincere.  Chances are, if you were invited to the wedding, the wedding couple is already familiar with all the traits that make you who you are.  Whatever you do, don’t act fake.  Make your wedding message sincere, as it will have to last a lifetime.
  • Use Spiritual Text.  If the wedding is part of a larger religious ceremony, regardless of the religion, Bible verses and scripture are very appropriate ways to express your feelings to the new couple.
  • Make it Funny? In most cases, a funny card or message is not appropriate for a wedding message, but there are exceptions depending upon the couple.  If your time with the new couple has provided laughs and funny stories, including one of these quips in your message may be the perfect way for you to express how you feel on this very special day.

Creating the perfect wedding message, regardless of which side of the altar you’ll be standing on when that special day arrives, does not have to be a laborious and boring chore.  The best tip to follow is to just have fun and speak from the heart.

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