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Tips for Perfect Retirement Toasts

Tips for Perfect Retirement Toasts

Retirement toasts can be a challenge to write, especially if you have never done it before. Good retirement toasts combine some humor with a great deal of respect for the retiree, and are appropriate for a mixed audience that may include both family as well as co-workers. There are a few excellent tips you can use to write great retirement toasts that hit the mark every time.

Know the Subject of the Toast

Good retirement toasts are individual and reflect the personality of the retiree. Odds are if you have been asked to write a retirement toast that you know the subject of the toast fairly well. When writing retirement toasts it’s important to take a moment to think about the person you are toasting. Does the retiree have a good sense of humor? Are they traditional and old-fashioned, or do they have a quirkier personality? Are they happy to be retiring, or do they have mixed emotions? Knowing all of these things about the subject is key to writing perfect retirement toasts that are just right for the person they honor.

Consider the Audience

How the audience will respond to the toast is just as important as the retiree. Good retirement toasts should make everyone feel the respect and honor you wish to show to the retiree. Humor is an excellent choice for retirement toasts, but make certain that your choice of anecdotes and jokes is appropriate to the people who will hear it. If you are a co-worker of the person who is retiring, remember that it might be your boss who is listening! The best retirement toasts will not only make the retiree look good, but you as well! Make sure nothing is offensive or contains anything too racy for a varied audience.

Focus on Success

Memorable retirement toasts keep the focus on all of the success the retiree has had during their many years of service. Retirement toasts are not the time to bring up mistakes or problems that may have arisen over the years. Keep it positive and do your best to make the retiree look good. This is the end of their working life, and they want to look back on all the good things. Retirement toasts are meant to send out the retiree on a high note, so focus on the good.

It’s Not a Eulogy

A common mistake in retirement toasts is to speak of the retiree as if they are at the end of their life rather than the end of their career. There is nothing more depressing than retirement toasts that sound as if the retiree has nothing left to do in life. Be sure to speak of the other accomplishments the retiree has on their resume, especially hobbies or volunteer work, the kinds of things they will continue to do and likely do better now that they are retired.

The secret to great retirement toasts is in being aware of who you are talking about, and who you are talking to. Send the retiree out on a happy note, sprinkle in some appropriate humor that everyone will appreciate, and focus on the good things both in the past and the future. Your retirement toasts are sure to be a hit.

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