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Tips for Writing a Network Administrator Resume

Tips for Writing a Network Administrator Resume

In the current competitive job market it is absolutely crucial for a job seeker to submit a resume that can not only highlight and demonstrate their strengths but that can also provide the hiring manager with a solid idea as to the level of expertise and professionalism that can be expected from the network administrators that they are considering for the available position.

Keep It Professional

While it should go without saying that a network administrators resume should be professional, all too many job candidates make the mistake of including information that is less than professional.

  • Too Much Information. While a hiring manager can certainly appreciate a potential candidate’s having hobbies and personal interests, they are very unlikely to take you seriously if you mention that you collect Star Trek memorabilia and enjoy spending time in your garden. Try to keep the information on your network administrators resume strictly related to your education, experience and pertinent skill set.
  • Your Contact Details. The contact details that you include on your professional resume should help to reflect your professionalism; if you use an email address that is related to your personal interests then you may want to consider creating an email account that contains simply your name. Again, while everyone can appreciate your having personal interests, an email address that contains the phrase “trekkiecollector” is not necessarily the most professional. The same holds true for any URL that you include; keep it professional so that you are only portraying yourself in the most positive professional light.

Items Not to Include

In addition to the above tips for your network administrators resume, it is important to ensure that you do not include the following information in your resume.

  • If you have left a position due to a conflict with your teammates or with your management, do not include this information on your resume. While you may briefly mention it during your interview, seeing information on your resume that relates to conflict could leave the hiring manager with a mindset that you are overly confrontational and therefore not a good fit for their team.
  • Do not include any negative information about prior employers or coworkers; remember that your goal with your network administrators resume is to portray yourself in the best light – not give the impression that you are petty and hold grudges against people you have worked with in the past.

Items to Include

There are several key items that should be included within your resume, including accurate contact information. All too many positions have been lost due to a job candidate failing to verify that they have included only current and valid contact information on their resume.

  • Be sure that you include your expected salary range; this can help a hiring manager to quickly determine whether or not you should be considered for the position. Try to be realistic about your expected compensation for the available position; if the job posting that you are applying to does not include an offered salary then you should consider doing a bit of research into salary ranges.

Above all remember that you are a professional – portraying yourself in the most positive professional light can only serve to help land you that all-important interview. Good luck!

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