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Types of Benefit Perfume

Types of Benefit Perfume

If you are always looking to be at the cutting edge of trends, then making sure you have the latest fragrances is an important part of completing your “look”. Benefit Cosmetics is a luxury cosmetic line that is known for its high quality products, unique names and trendy packaging. Benefit’s perfume line is perfect for the young, or young at heart, woman with a cheeky edge, and with a number of Benefit perfume scents available there is one for everyone on your gift list! Though the company is based in San Francisco, they have over 2000 stores and counters worldwide and a great online store so you can easily get the Benefit perfume that suits the naughty nature of you or that special someone.

The Benefit Perfume Product Line

Benefit has several great perfumes, all with a fun, sexy scent, but each with a unique note to suit any style, occasion or mood! Their cute and fun packaging makes them a great gift without even having to wrap them, or is a perfect gift to yourself for any reason. The unique and beautiful combination of fragrances will set you apart and make your feel confident and sexy.

Benefit’s current fragrance line includes:

  • Something About Sofia: A sophisticated and mysterious fragrance for the trendy and elusive woman. It has beautiful complex scents of exotic flowers with undertones of the more sweet smells of vanilla, caramel and musk.

  • My Place or yours Gina: For the sultry women with a playful, flirty side this fragrance has the earthy scent of pink pepper and patchouli with notes of raspberry and peony flowers.

  • Maybe Baby: One of Benefit’s latest fragrances, Maybe Baby is a flirty and floral scent with the fruity fragrances of apricot and peach. This is coupled with more than just a hint of playful musk and ginger to give it a sexy scent.

  • Laugh with me LeeLee: A playful and flirty blend of citrus, exotic flowers and earthy tone, this fragrance begs to be worn day or night.

  • B spot: A seductive matching of sandalwood, mangos and peonies this perfume comes with a guide to help you find your perfect B spot scent!

Can’t Decide On Which Benefit Perfume To Choose?

There is a Benefit perfume for everyone, but if you can’t decide which is right for you, or that special someone from the descriptions above, then here are a few tips to finding the perfect match. For day, Maybe Baby and Laugh with me LeeLee are great choices, but for a more romantic mood My Place or your Gina and B spot are the fragrances to choose to get you all the attention you want.

For the young, flirtatious woman with a bubbly personality Laugh with me LeeLee would no doubt be a hit, and for the more serious and sophisticated women Something about Sofia will compliment her independent and confident style.

Benefit Perfume Gives You the Benefit of Perfume!

Perfume not only is one of those luxuries that every woman wants, it is also a powerful part of attraction, confidence and attitude. Scent can affect your mood and the mood of those around you. It can also work with your own personal pheromones, so finding a scent that matches and compliments your own personal scent and style is important.

Benefit Perfumes are the perfect fragrances for the young, successful, sexy woman. They have a scent to match any mood, and at around $40 each, they are also perfect for any budget.

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