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Types of Conference Room Signs

Types of Conference Room Signs

Do you need a sign on your conference room door—one that is functional, yet classy?  A conference room is one of the most important rooms in your business, but unless properly marked this room can be difficult for your guests to find.  Moreover, unless your conference room has a sign to indicate that it is “in use,” you could experience embarrassing barge-ins when you’re in the middle of conducting a meeting.  To combat these problems, you’ll want to have some type of conference room sign, and with hundreds of options available you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for.  In this article we will outline a few of the more popular conference room signs to give you a better idea of some of these flexible options.

Why Do I Need a Conference Room Sign?

All too often, an unmarked conference room becomes an idle asset to your business.  Below are just a few reasons why having a professional-looking conference room sign is a good idea:

  • Conference room signs add a touch of professionalism to any business or organization
  • A conference room sign will help meeting guests find the conference room quickly so you can get down to business
  • Alert everyone in your office that there is a meeting in progress
  • Sends a message to everyone passing the conference room that they need to remain quite
  • And more…

Having a conference room sign improves both the look and functionality of this valuable room, and adds a special flair, regardless of the type of business you’re conducting.

Types of Conference Room Signs

Depending on your needs, there are a number of different conference room signs to choose from.  The following is a short list of the many options available:

  • The Slider.  A slider is a conference room sign that offers dual functionality.  Sliders are affixed to the conference room door and display one of two messages depending on which way the slider is moved.  Some examples of conference room sign sliders include:  “In/Out,”  “Vacant/In Use,” and “Open/Closed.”  Sliders are one of the best ways to make the most out of your conference room sign.
  • Elegant Conference Room Signs.  There are many elegant conference room signs available in a variety of shapes, styles and designs and made from a variety of materials.  Elegant conference room signs could include a Marquis-style sign, a contoured sign, or an etched sign, depending upon your needs.
  • Custom Conference Room Signs.  With the increased functionality of the internet, it has never been easier to design your own custom conference room signs.  These types of signs can be designed with your company name or logo and are available with several different messages.

Without the proper signage, a conference room is nothing but a large, useless room within your business.  Furthermore, if you plan to hold private meetings in this room you run the risk of constant interruptions if you fail to mark the door clearly.  Conference room signs can help give your business a professional flair while adding to the overall functionality of this very important room.

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