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Types of Furnas Contactors

Types of Furnas Contactors

Furnas contactors come in a variety of styles. The two major categories of Furnas contactors are definite purpose and special purpose. Special purpose Furnas contactors vary in their features precisely because they are specialized to different jobs and projects. Definite purpose Furnas Contactors, on the other hand, all share certain features and can be used in things like HVAC, refrigerators, elevators, cranes, data processors, swimming pools and lighting.

Features of Furnas Contactors

Major features of definite purpose Furnas contactors include compact size, interchangeable mountings, silicon steel magnets, snap-on mechanical and electrical interlocks, other electronic accessories that snap on, and Class H coil insulation. Furnas contactors are intended to work well, be efficient at a compact size and run quietly.

Furnas contactors are made with metal and bulk molding compound, and the location of their line and load terminals at the top and bottom means no looping wires and lower cost. Snap-on design and differently located mounting holes let you attach Furnas contactors to panels and mount them interchangeably with zero hassle. Coil cushions help minimize vibration.

Optional Features of Furnas Contactors

Oversize lugs, sems screws, binding head screws, electronic timers, surge suppressors and step down DC coil drivers are optional in certain definite purpose Furnas contactors. With Furnas contactors, you can choose between box lug, binding head screws or sems clamp terminals. Some Furnas contactors are coated in moisture proof epoxy for extra durability. Furnas contactors are available in single and dual voltage coils. Some have pressure plus quick connect terminals.