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Types of Paper Lunch Bags for Kids

Types of Paper Lunch Bags for Kids

Paper lunch bags have been around for many years and continue to be the most popular type of disposable lunch bags on the market. Paper lunch bags are strong enough to hold just about any lunch type foods as well as beverages, and can also be folded up neatly after use and kept for the next day. Paper lunch bags are no longer the plain, boring choice they once were, however and today you can choose paper lunch bags that suit your child’s (or your own!) personality as well as adding some fun and flair to lunch.

Of course, the most basic paper lunch bags are the classic brown bag. They are often made of recycled materials today and can also be recycled in turn when you are done with them, making them a far more eco-friendly choice than they once were. These plain brown paper bags do a great job and for young kids who don’t care or even for toting your own lunch to work.

If you want something a little more personal, there are plenty of choices for paper lunch bags that are out of the ordinary. Today basic brown is not a necessity. You can purchase paper lunch bags in a wide variety of colors. You can buy these in bulk variety packs so that you can choose a color based on your mood that day, or you can simply purchase your favorite color. Colored paper lunch bags are also a great way to quickly tell everyone’s lunch apart on those busy mornings when you and the kids are hurrying out the door. If each family member has their own personal lunch bag color, it is easy to ensure everyone gets the right lunch.

You can also order personalized paper lunch bags that can have any message you want on the paper. You can order them simply with your name, or add other information. You can also order personalized paper lunch bags with a funny message or slogan on them, warning off that office lunch thief, or sending a sweet message off to school with your child every day.

There are even holiday themed paper lunch bags that can be used either as party favor bags or just as a festive way to take your lunch during the holidays, be it for Halloween or for Christmas. Special lunch bags can make everyday lunches just a little more exciting and fun, especially for kids.

Paper lunch bags have come a long way from the days when that plain brown bag was a feature of every school lunchroom and every office break room. Today there are so many options that brown-bagging it may become an expression of the past. Dress up your lunch with paper lunch bags that stand out and have a lot more personality and fun to them, and then recycle them to ensure you are staying green, whether your bag is brown or any other color. Paper lunch bags certainly aren’t the boring choice for lunch anymore!

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