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Types of Polycarbonate Glassware

Types of Polycarbonate Glassware

Have you ever spent hundreds of dollars on beautiful crystal glassware only to later have one—or several—of the pieces in the set break? This can be extremely frustrating, and supposing you can even find replacements for the pieces that break, it can also get quite expensive. Fortunately, though, you have an alternative. Polycarbonate glassware, which we will discuss in some detail in this article, offers the same beauty of traditional glassware with a durability that is second to none.

What is Polycarbonate Glassware?

Without going into too much of the science behind the manufacturing of polycarbonate material, the substance is a type of thermo engineered plastic. In the manufacturing process, plastic polymers are hardened with carbon material to make up the polycarbonate material, and when heated, polycarbonate is easily and efficiently molded into many different shapes—including glassware.

Many other products are also made from durable polycarbonate material, most notably break-resistant eye glasses and chemical test tubes.

Polycarbonate glassware is impact resistant and will never break when dropped or mishandled under normal circumstances. Obviously, this provides quite a cost-saving advantage for glassware owners, especially for restaurants, nightclubs and bars which handle large quantities of glassware on a regular basis. Polycarbonate glassware is easily formed, can make up any type of glass and is available in many different colors to choose from.

Types of Polycarbonate Glassware

Whatever type of glass you can think of, you’re sure to be able to find a polycarbonate alternative. Below are a few examples:

  • Wine Glasses. Due to the unique shape of the traditional wine glass—the cup and stem—it is extremely vulnerable to breakage. These traditional glasses, while certainly beautiful, can break without warning and with very little pressure, including normal washing. Polycarbonate wine glasses, on the other hand, will never break under normal wear and offer the same beautiful design and feel of the traditional long-stem glass.

  • Cocktail Glasses. Polycarbonate cocktail glasses come in a variety of shapes and styles, including margarita glasses, hi-ball glasses and chimney glasses. These types of polycarbonate glassware are preferred by restaurant and bar owners who have grown tired of replacing expensive glassware several times a month from normal breakage.

  • Shot Glasses. The unique design of the traditional shot glass makes it less likely to break under normal circumstances than other types of glassware, but with polycarbonate shot glasses the chances are even less. Polycarbonate shot glasses come in a variety of colors and designs and hold from 1 to 2 ounces of liquor.

  • Tumblers and Juice Glasses. Accidents happen, and if you have children you know this all too well, but with polycarbonate tumblers and juice glasses, your worries will be over. These glasses will never break when dropped, ensuring that your kids will always be safe, even in the event of the inevitable accident.

Polycarbonate glassware is extremely safe and affordable and with many different styles and colors it is tremendously practical as well. If you’re tired of constantly spending money to replace broken glassware, polycarbonate glassware is definitely the way to go.

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