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Types of Umbrella Tablecloths

Types of Umbrella Tablecloths

Umbrella tablecloths are perfect for outdoor patio tables fitted with umbrellas, because an umbrella tablecloth has a hole in the center to accommodate the umbrella pole. Umbrella Tablecloths are also slit down one side to slide onto the table without requiring the removal of the umbrella, so you can decorate your patio and then remove the tablecloth to bring it inside or wash it with no hassle. When purchasing one, you should always consider the various types of umbrella tablecloths.

Shapes & Sizes of Umbrella Tablecloths

The shape and size of your umbrella tablecloth should fit the table it is intended to sit on. Most umbrella tablecloths come in square, round, rectangle, or oval shapes, so choose the type that best fits your table. Sizes of umbrella tablecloths account for the fact that most tablecloths are expected to drape over the edges of the table and not fit flush. However, different brands of umbrella tablecloths have varying lengths of draping and some for round and rectangular tables accommodate corners differently, so choose the one that best fits the aesthetic you are looking for.

Enclosure Features on Umbrella Tablecloths

Because umbrella tablecloths must open in order to fit around umbrellas, they must also have a way to close these openings while they are in use. The three most popular types of enclosure features on umbrella tablecloths are buttons, ties and zippers. Button enclosures on umbrella tablecloths are either traditional buttons or snaps, and most of them are “covered,” meaning that a thin strip of the tablecloth’s fabric overlaps them so they are not visible when the tablecloth is in use.

Tie enclosures for umbrella tablecloths are small thin pieces of fabric or string along the openings of the umbrella tablecloths to tie it shut when it has been placed around the umbrella pole. These work well, but may be a hassle for people who wish to take their umbrella tablecloths off of the tables and put them back on frequently. Tie enclosures left outside in the sun and elements may fray or become difficult to untie, and re-tying them whenever the umbrella tablecloth is replaced is more time consuming than doing buttons or snaps. If you plan to leave your umbrella tablecloth on for a long time, however, ties might be a good idea, especially since they usually lay flatter and smoother than snaps and buttons.

Zippers are the third type of enclosure for umbrella tablecloths. They are the fastest to put on and remove, but may not work well for permanent or long-term outdoor umbrella tablecloths. If you plan to remove and replace your umbrella tablecloth often, putting it outside for only holidays or special occasions, a zipper enclosure is best, because it is very quick to use. Unfortunately, zippers left outdoors may rust shut or break, making it difficult to remove or replace your umbrella tablecloth. Consider a zippered tablecloth if it is to be used indoors or infrequently.

Umbrella Tablecloth Fabrics

Umbrella tablecloths also come in a variety of materials. The most popular are cotton, linen and vinyl, and each has advantages and disadvantages. All colored fabrics may fade color when left outside in the sun, but vinyl is less likely to do so, and this is not a concern if you keep your umbrella up most of the time, the table is used in the shade or your umbrella cloth is not used very often.

When it comes to appearance, linen umbrella tablecloths look fancier and classier, and are best when your umbrella tablecloth is for special occasions. Cotton umbrella tablecloths are easier to put in the washing machine and clean, but vinyl umbrella tablecloths are more weather resistant and will be easier to simply wipe down. If you need a durable, stain resistant umbrella tablecloth, vinyl is the way to go. For low maintenance and attractiveness, choose cotton. If you are more concerned with appearance and will be taking good care of your umbrella tablecloth, go with linen.

Some umbrella tablecloths are made of reversible material, so you can change the look of your patio anytime you like or get double the mileage out of an umbrella tablecloth if it is damaged or faded by its outdoor life. Because umbrella tablecloths are very easy to take off and replace, you can get a lot of use out of a reversible umbrella tablecloth.

Patterns & Colors of Umbrella Tablecloths

Perhaps the most important things to consider about umbrella tablecloths are their different patterns and colors. You can find an umbrella tablecloth to fit any décor or theme. There are bright, tropical umbrella tablecloths to fit an outdoor patio near a pool, and there are muted, solid colors as well, if that is what your backyard calls for. You can find umbrella tablecloths that come with matching napkins and that complement your umbrella table, the umbrella, or your other patio furniture.

There are umbrella tablecloths for every holiday and theme as well, so you can find one for your holiday parties and another one for your Fourth of July barbecue. Changing out umbrella tablecloths is easy, so you can collect a few to switch between whenever you want. Match the season, your party’s color theme, or just pick up a few to cycle between when you get bored with one!

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