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Types of Wax Paper Bags

Types of Wax Paper Bags

Although they are versatile and very useful around the house, many people have not used or even heard of wax paper bagsWax paper bags offer the non stick surface and moisture barrier of plastic bags while adding the strength and eco-friendly properties of paper bags.  You can use them for just about any purpose you might have used a plastic zip top bag for in the past.

Wax paper bags are also a great choice for school and work lunches.  Unlike the traditional paper bag, they won’t get wet if something leaks and fall apart.  They are stronger and better insulated than standard paper bags, and can hold heavy and warm items easily.  This means you will likely even be able to reuse them, since they won’t tear or fall apart as easily as regular paper bags do.

Wax paper bags are great for storing meat as they will keep it well sealed and not leak in the fridge.  This lets you buy the larger packages of meat and separate them into smaller portions to place in the freezer.  A little butcher’s tape will seal the package to keep it safe from freezer burn.  Wax paper bags are also great for storing cheese.  Unlike in a plastic bag, cheese stored in a wax paper bag will not mold and will stay fresh longer without drying out.

Wax paper bags can be hard to locate, and not all stores carry them.  If you can’t find a retailer near you that has them in stock, you can certainly find them online.  Local retailers may also be willing to order them in for you on request.  Buying online is a great way to purchase wax paper bags in bulk, so that you will have lots on hand and won’t have to go searching for them when you run out.  Natural food stores such as Whole Foods are a good place to look for these eco-friendly bag options.

Wax paper bags do not cost much more than plastic bags and are much better for the environment.  They can be incinerated without releasing toxic fumes and are safe for landfills because they will not leach chemicals into the ground water.  This makes them a better choice than plastic for anyone who is concerned with being environmentally friendly, but still needs a convenient option for storage and transport of food.  As another added benefit, wax paper bags are even safe to use in the microwave.

Making the switch to using wax paper bags is easy and can make a big difference in your daily life as well as for the planet.  If your local retailer does not carry them, ask if they would be willing to stock some on their shelves.  In most cases, stores are willing to bring in new products if there is an interest, so let your friends know about the benefits of wax paper bags as well.  By spreading the word and getting stores to carry them, you can help prevent many plastic bags from reaching landfills.

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