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Types of White Cardboard Boxes to Fit Your Needs

Types of White Cardboard Boxes to Fit Your Needs

When you think of cardboard, the first thing you probably picture is a brown-colored box, but this useful material is also available in white, and made for a variety of different purposes. Here we will discuss the various types of white cardboard boxes available, and how each can serve your particular needs.

What is Cardboard?

If you think about it, whoever came up with the idea for cardboard must have been some kind of a genius. The stuff is literally everywhere, and is used to make everything from boxes to playing cards. It’s so popular, in fact, that it’s difficult to imagine how we ever lived without it.

Cardboard is defined as a heavy-duty paper product, usually made my pasting two or more layers of paper together. Sometimes referred to as paperboard or pasteboard, cardboard is used for a variety of different purposes, but is most often used in the construction of boxes and cartons.

Cardboard is one of the most useful and inexpensive materials around. Used by almost every industry—from farming to electronics—for their storing and shipping needs, cardboard has become the most popular medium in the packing industry.

White Cardboard Boxes for Every Purpose

If there is one negative to be said of most cardboard boxes, it would have to be their shabby appearance. Thankfully, there are other options. White cardboard boxes are an attractive alternative to the standard brown boxes we see so frequently, and can be used for a variety of purposes. Below is a brief list of the types of white cardboard boxes available:

  • Shipping Boxes. White shipping boxes are made from the same heavy-duty material as their brown-colored counterparts and can be used to ship everything from paper products to jewelry.

  • Bin Boxes. White cardboard bin boxes are great for all sorts of home storage projects.

  • Gift and Jewelry Boxes. When you send a gift to someone you want the packaging to look attractive and that’s exactly what you’ll get with white cardboard gift boxes. Whether you’re sending clothes, candy or an expensive piece of jewelry, you’re sure to find a box to suit your needs.

  • File Storage Boxes. White cardboard file storage boxes are a great way to store and organize your important papers and documents.

  • Cake and Bakery Boxes. Perfect for all your baking needs.

  • Tab Lock Mailing Boxes. Tab lock mailing boxes, made from both lightweight and heavy-duty corrugated material, are a great way to securely send almost any product you can think of through the mail.

  • Slide Boxes. White cardboard slide boxes are great for storing products which you’ll need regular access to. The slide feature allows you store items securely, yet be able to open and close the box easily.

These are just a few of the many types of white cardboard boxes available. To find out more about all the shapes and styles available, check with your local storage box dealer or contact any paper manufacturer. Whether you’re goal is to ship, store or organize, you’re certain to find a box that suits your needs.