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Understanding Mood Ring Color Meanings

Understanding Mood Ring Color Meanings

The mood ring is a popular piece of jewelry that changes color in response to your body’s temperature. The mood ring color meanings tell the wearer – and anyone else looking – what to expect from the current mood. The stone in the mood ring carries all of the color change.

Mood ring color meanings are relatively simple. The average mood ring has about six colors, although some may have variations in between these colors. The mood ring color meanings for each color follow a progression of colors and move through various shades of each color. It is a subjective matter to each person to determine precisely what color they are seeing on the ring.

The basic mood ring color meanings are as follows: A black color on the mood ring means the wearer is in a particularly bad mood. Anxious and unhappy, this is probably a good time to avoid this person! A yellow color on the stone is a somewhat less foul mood, but still anxious and not too pleased. The red mood ring is a sign of an unsettled or possibly angry mood. Some say this is the color of passion as well. Green means the person’s mood is somewhat mixed..not good but not bad either. The lighter the green, the more the mood leans towards a good mood, somewhat relaxed.

A light shade of blue is said to represent someone who is happy and in love. As the color of the blue leans towards a darker shade, the mood ring meanings improve yet again, to a relaxed state. Finally, purple is the color of happiness and joy.

There are various charts with different interpretations of the mood ring color meanings. This is one of the variations, some being more in depth in the descriptions. After wearing your mood ring, you will start to know which colors have what meaning for you.

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