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Unique and Beautiful Gyro Ceiling Fans

Unique and Beautiful Gyro Ceiling Fans

Gyro ceiling fans are an incredible different and unique choice in ceiling fans that are unlike any ceiling fan you have ever seen. While most people picture ceiling fans as having huge blades that spin at various speeds and in two possible directions, Gyro ceiling fans are different. The feature two separate fans with a light in between, and come in both antique styles and much more modern looks.

The two side fans can be tilted or set to sweep the room in any direction you choose. This makes the fan much more versatile than the standard ceiling fan. While a traditional ceiling fan simply blows air down, cooling only that which is directly beneath it, Gyro ceiling fans can effectively cool an entire room, cutting down on air conditioning costs as well as helping to circulate air in the room.

Gyro ceiling fans come with a variety of features including a dimmer switch for the light and a wall mounted control for the fans. Some models even include a remote control you can use to change the settings on the fan without ever leaving your seat. Gyro ceiling fans come in many different colors and styles. From the sleek, modern style to the ornate antique look of bronze and wood, you can find the perfect fan to fit into your décor.

Gyro ceiling fans are a true innovation in ceiling fans, making the fan more useful than ever before and also turning the fan into a unique art piece that people will be talking about long after they visit your house. These high quality ceiling fans can be purchased at lighting stores, home improvement retailers and many online retailers as well. Gyro ceiling fans are the perfect touch to any home décor as well as a truly functional lighting and air circulation piece.

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