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Unique Designs for Luxury Bathrooms

Unique Designs for Luxury Bathrooms

No matter what your allotted budget might be, it is possible to transform your bathroom into a luxurious space that you will not just be proud of but will thoroughly enjoy spending time in. From the smallest design details to the selection of your bathroom’s fixtures – your choices are almost endless when it comes to creating one or more luxury bathrooms in your home.

Heating Things Up

There are two items in a bathroom can convey a definite sense of luxury – heated flooring and a towel warmer.

  • Installing heated floors could be an easy DIY weekend job for an ambitious homeowner; however, as with most things, if it is not your area of expertise then it would be beneficial to bring in an expert who can quickly install your heated flooring. Stepping out of the shower in winter no longer means stepping onto a cold floor – now your feet can stay warm and toasty!
  • For the ultimate expense for warming towels in luxury bathrooms, consider the installation of a small dryer that could be installed in your bathroom. Imagine being able to pull warm towels straight from the dryer when you step out of a warm bath! If you do not have the space, or the budget, to devote to a dedicated towel dryer then there are many types of towel warming racks that can help to add a bit more warmth in your bathroom. An added bonus to towel warming appliances is that your towels can be dried a lot faster after your shower which means no more cold and damp towels tomorrow night!

The Little Things

For an original and definitely unique idea for your bathroom redesign consider the installation of automatic faucets much like those seen in public facilities. Before you think that it is not a very appealing thought to have faucets like the ones in your local grocery store, consider that there are many high-end automatic faucets that can provide you with a much more streamlined appearance to your sinks. By adding an attractive basin, you will have wonderfully unique and attractive additions to your luxury bathrooms.

When it comes to the hardware in your bathroom try to stray a bit from the norm by seeking out custom designers or those who use only sustainable materials in their creations. Whether you are in the market for retro additions to your luxury bathrooms or are seeking out the more natural look provided by bamboo, you are sure to find hardware that will be as unique as it is aesthetically appealing.

A Shower To Show Off

Long gone are the standard stall showers that we are all familiar with – homeowners seeking to add to their luxury bathrooms now have the option of installing a large walk-in spa shower that can provide you with a sauna right in your bathroom. With the addition of a comfortable bench and a customized waterproof television, you will be reluctant to leave your bathroom! A large showerhead with massaging abilities could just be the crowning touch to your luxury bathroom shower!

Before setting out on your bathroom redesign project do a fair amount of research so that you can determine which unique high-end features will be a perfect addition to your home’s bathroom.

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