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Types of Unusual Beds

Types of Unusual Beds

Furniture design has been very innovative lately, and one area that has really produced some interesting designs is the bedroom. Unusual beds seem to be proliferating, and by unusual, we’re not talking about simple things like futons, water beds or round beds from the late 1970s and 1980s, but rather beds shaped like animals, have different lighting effects, or aren’t even exactly beds at all!

Different Styles of Unusual Beds

Platform beds make up the largest category of unusual beds. Platform beds are so named because the mattress sits on a flat platform instead of a box spring or frame. Furniture maker, Ikea, makes a number of stylish platform beds, but these are pretty commonplace compared to the more unusual platform beds available, such as ones that feature lighting in the base of the platform that throw up glowing, geometric designs around the room. Even more unusual beds feature platforms that rest on springs or other wire, like frames that give under your weight, much like a car suspension. These unusual beds are quite bouncy and light to rest upon.

Shaped beds by themselves are not that unusual. We’ve all seen children’s beds shaped like race cars or giggled over the heart shaped bed in honeymoon suites. Some designers are taking shaped beds a step further though and creating some truly unusual beds. One of them is a large fiberglass shark with the bed neatly sitting atop the shark’s back. Another popular but unusual bed for children is shaped like a bulldozer.

A different unusual design technique for a bed is to suspend a platform bed in some way. There are many unusual beds that use a variation of this theme. Some of them feature platforms suspended from the ceiling or walls by steel cables, while others utilize large posts that the bed is suspended from. These tend to have a more rustic look with rope being used to suspend the bed and the posts made from hewn logs, causing the bed to sway and rock like a hammock.

Sleeping pods make for some very unusual beds. These beds come in one of two styles, either as egg shaped with a canopy or completely enclosed save for an opening with the bed in the bottom portion of the pod. These pods often feature lighting built into the pod for reading or include high fidelity speakers that play nature sounds or soft music while you sleep.

Finally, in an effort to reclaim more space and shrink the size of the bed, some designers are creating unusual beds that hide away when you’re not sleeping. One unusual bed is attached to the ceiling by cables. When not in use, this unusual bed is lifted by the cables to lay flat against the ceiling, allowing the space under the bed to be used as a work or living space. When in use the bed drops down and is a suspended platform bed.

Furniture design has taken on a lot of interesting characteristics, as designers experiment with new and different ideas. Beds have been one area that enjoyed a particularly large amount of experimentation, resulting in a plethora of wonderful, but unusual beds. Unusual beds have become so common, in fact, that there are now web sites devoted to unusual bed contests.

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