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Using Laser Surgery to Quit Smoking

Using Laser Surgery to Quit Smoking

For many smokers the struggle to finally quit for good is an endless battle. Most smokers have tried just about everything available to try to quit, from patches to gum, and in many cases they have no luck. If you have heard about using laser surgery to quit smoking and are searching for a permanent solution to ending your nicotine habit for good, it might be time to look at this option a little closer. The ability to use laser surgery to quit smoking has been around for a few years, and more and more smokers are turning to it for success at last.

Laser surgery to quit smoking is not quite what it sounds like – it isn’t even truly a surgery. It can be more readily compared to acupuncture than to a surgical procedure. Laser surgery to quit smoking is a simple procedure where a low level laser, a concentrated beam of light, is used on specific points in the body to evoke a particular reaction. Just like with acupuncture, laser surgery to quit smoking targets pressure points that are associated with the stress of trying to give up an addictive habit.

The laser beams cause the release of endorphins, chemicals that create the sensation of pleasure and relaxation in the brain. By causing this chemical change, laser surgery to quit smoking can alleviate the tension and discomfort that withdrawal from nicotine can cause. It is this stress and near physical pain caused by cravings for cigarettes that is the hardest part of quitting smoking for most people. Thus, laser surgery to quit smoking helps people who use it to get past the worst of the cravings and withdrawal symptoms and move on to the easier part of the process, after the discomfort is gone.

Laser surgery to quit smoking is considered safe and harmless for most people, much like acupuncture. It has a relatively high success rate when compared with other quit smoking procedures including the patch, nicotine gum and of course the cold turkey method. There are a number of clinic performing the procedure across the country today.

If you have tried without success to give up your cigarettes and are desperate for a solution that works, it might be worth further investigation of laser surgery to quit smoking. With the safety and the high success rate, it is well worth the effort; the worst thing that can come of it is that it does not work. AS with any quit smoking method there are always situations in which the habit is too strong or the smoker goes back to their old ways after a short time. However, laser surgery to quit smoking can help you to get past those periods when the cravings are so strong the send you running for a pack of cigarettes.

Take the time to sit down and discuss the procedure with a professional, and determine if laser surgery to quit smoking is right for you. It could be your final step towards a smoke-free life.

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