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Vans Chukka Boot – Styles and Colors

Vans Chukka Boot – Styles and Colors

Chukka boots have been popular for decades for their versatility, as they are comfortable and stylish enough for casual wear and hardy enough to function as work boots. A Chukka boot has eyelets for lacing up and is ankle-high. The Vans Chukka Boot is characterized by the classic look and make of the Vans shoe brand as well as their specialty “waffle” outsole designed for grip. A Vans Chukka boot combines style, comfort and durability in their its footbeds and flexible, gripping soles.

Vans Chukka Boot Styles and Colors

Vans Chukka Boots come in canvas or suede and are sold in men’s and women’s sizes. On the Vans website, you can view classic versions of the Vans Chukka Boot in white, black, navy and black and white. Other online stores feature more styles of the classic Vans Chukka Boot, including low-top, unisex and fleece slippers. A few different famous designers and skaters have their own signature version of the Vans Chukka Boot, and you may find those for sale as well.

The Vans Chukka Boot is available in many colors and prints, including skull-print paisley, bright red, checkered, animal print on white (with bright contrast eyelets), color pop accents and laces, plaid, pewter, herringbone, orange and burgundy/charcoal. The price and the availability of certain colors and styles vary based on size and the online store you are ordering from, so be sure to search for your perfect pair of Vans Chukka Boots before purchasing.

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