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Vehicle Breakdown Insurance: The Complete Guide

Vehicle Breakdown Insurance: The Complete Guide

What will you do when your vehicle breaks down? Who will you call and how will you handle the expenses that are sure to follow? Vehicle breakdown insurance can help you to take care of these concerns while relieving a lot of financial stress that you would otherwise be faced with.

What Your Insurance Policy Will Cover

If your vehicle is no longer covered by a manufacturer’s warranty then you will find that it could prove to be a pricey prospect to repair it in the event of a breakdown. Vehicle breakdown insurance will cover the following things that could otherwise break the bank.

  • Towing Coverage: When your vehicle choses to break down it is unlikely that it will pick an opportune moment and place to do so. Because of the likelihood that you will be stranded somewhere when it does breakdown it is important that you have the ability to call in a tow truck to help get both you and your broken vehicle to a safe and much more convenient location.
  • Roadside Assistance: If your breakdown is due to running out of gas or a flat tire, your vehicle breakdown insurance will provide you with roadside assistance that will help to get you back on the road as soon as possible. Whether this comes in the form of helping you to change a tire, refill an empty gas tank, or even to help you to unlock your car in the event that you accidently lock your keys inside.
  • Mechanical Repair: The repair of your vehicle can be very expensive, depending on the type of breakdown that you are faced with. Having a mechanic work on your vehicle in order to diagnose and repair the problems will be covered by your vehicle breakdown insurance. Be certain that you only take your vehicle to a mechanic that is approved by your insurance company; otherwise you may be faced with the need to pay for the repairs yourself.
  • Parts Replacement: Along with the mechanical repair coverage, your insurance policy will cover any replacement parts that your vehicle may need in order to become once again fully operational.
  • Vehicle Replacement: In the event that your vehicle is completely unable to be repaired, your vehicle breakdown insurance will help towards the replacement of your broken vehicle. Be sure that you understand any of the finer details related to the outright replacement of your vehicle so that you are not caught off guard by an unexpected cost.

It seems that something always goes wrong with your vehicle as soon as the manufacturer’s warranty runs out. Vehicle breakdown insurance can help to ensure that you have the coverage that you need in order to get back on the road as quickly as possible. While you can certainly look into the option of purchasing an extended warranty on your vehicle prior to the manufacturer’s warranty expiring, it can often prove to be a much more economical option to purchase breakdown insurance. Not only is it friendlier on your budget, but breakdown insurance can provide you with extra coverage that you simply cannot get from an extended warranty.

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