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Vespa Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

Vespa Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

For decades Vespa’s have been incredibly popular modes of transportation in Europe. With their surge in popularity around the world, more and more people are wondering what kind of insurance is needed for their Vespa. Vespa insurance requirements will vary from state to state, however there are some standard guidelines that can help you to best understand your insurance needs when you own a Vespa.

Liability Coverage

If you accidently injure someone while you are driving your Vespa, you could be responsible for their medical costs. With medical costs that could exceed thousands of dollars for even a broken arm, you could find yourself with a huge and expensive problem on your hands. Vespa insurance that offers good liability coverage is a must-have for anyone operating a motorized vehicle on the road.

Other Types Of Coverage

What would happen if you did get into an accident, at no fault of your own, and you were injured? If the other party doesn’t have insurance coverage then you will be stuck needing to pay for all of your medical costs – out of your own pocket. What if your Vespa sustains significant damage during the accident? Will you be able to afford the repairs or the outright replacement of your Vespa? While it is a law for motorists to have at least the state minimum liability coverage, many drivers are on the road without this basic and very important coverage. If you were to get into an accident with one of them you would be potentially facing a fair amount of financial strife with the need to handle all of the expenses on your own.

Talk to your insurance company representative in order to find out which Vespa insurance policy will help to provide you with the complete and comprehensive coverage that you are looking for. Coverage to protect others, to protect yourself, and to protect your vehicle is all a must-have for a responsible Vespa owner.

Some states have laws that say motorbikes or scooters with a smaller motor, under 30cc’s, for example, do not actually require any form of insurance policy. However, even if insurance is not required by law, it could prove to be highly beneficial for you to invest in an insurance policy. Perhaps you are just using your Vespa to zip around your small town or your university campus? It may seem like you are unlikely to get into much trouble in these small areas but what if your Vespa slips on a patch of water in the road and veers off?

Accidents can happen, no matter how well prepared and careful you are when you are riding your Vespa. In order to keep yourself protected, invest in a comprehensive Vespa insurance policy that will make it infinitely safer for you to be on the road. Remember that a responsible Vespa owner will never ride without a helmet! Safety should always be your number one priority when you head out to cruise around on your scooter. With your Vespa insurance policy and a helmet, you will be all set!

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