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What is the Cheapest SUV to Own?

What is the Cheapest SUV to Own?

If you are looking for a new SUV that will fit your budget, there are a few things to consider in selecting the cheapest SUV. Sticker price is only a part of the equation; there are a few other things to consider including repair and maintenance bills and gas mileage. The cheapest SUV in the long run may not be the one you pay the least for at the dealership.

Of course, sticker price does make a difference. The larger the SUV the higher the price tag in most cases. The cheapest SUV choices are generally in the smaller range. If you require an SUV that seats more people than the smallest options, which usually seat five, then you will probably need to look at a mid-size SUV. The largest SUVs can usually seat up to eight people, but if the search is for the cheapest SUV these are unlikely to fit the bill.

When you are narrowing down your search, look for the SUV that offers the most options for the money – but only the options you need. There is no need to pay more for heated seats if you live in a warm climate, or for a built-in navigation system if you already own a portable GPS unit. Choosing the cheapest SUV means getting everything you need from a vehicle at the best possible price.

The next thing you will want to look at when selecting the cheapest SUV is cost of ownership. An SUV that comes with a stronger warranty may cost you less in the long run. Look for a long warranty that covers as much as possible. Some companies even include basic maintenance on their new vehicles that will cover such things as oil changes, saving you even more money. Read as many reviews as you can to determine which SUVs have the best reliability rating, this will help you to determine whether saving a bit more on the purchase price will hurt you later when you have to pay for repairs.

Gas mileage is a major issue when it comes to choosing the cheapest SUV. Some SUVs can be very hard on gas which can add up to a huge expense for the owner. All vehicles have a miles per gallon (MPG) rating from the manufacturer which gives an estimated city and highway mileage on the vehicle. This will give you an idea of what you can expect to go through as far as gas. An SUV with a larger engine will use more gas, so if you don’t need your SUV to do any towing, you are probably ok with a smaller engine. The bonus is that the smaller engine is usually cheaper in the first place as well.

Finding the cheapest SUV is a matter of comparing the available options on a number of points: original sticker price, cost of ownership and maintenance, and gas mileage. The right combination of these three factors will give you the cheapest SUV to own in the long run, and not just the day you buy it.

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