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What to Expect from a Vet Tech Salary

What to Expect from a Vet Tech Salary

The range in a vet tech salary depends on many different factors. These can include where you live, what type of veterinarian office you work in, and your years of experience in the field. A vet tech salary for someone working in the average vet office is different from what can be expected working in a 24 hour veterinary emergency hospital or clinic.

The vet tech salary generally ranges from about $22,000 to $33,000 per year. This is the national average for this position, and may differ greatly in your state. Some states will fall on the higher end while others the lower end, depending on the local economy and the general cost of living and wage level.

Vet techs provide support services and basic care of animals in a veterinary office environment or in a clinic or animal hospital. The vet tech salary for those holding a more extensive education is usually on the higher end, while shorter courses result in lower pay scales. A vet tech salary is often considered to be a good support salary while pursing further education in the veterinary field.

Your vet tech salary will be based on your years of experience in the business as well as your personal skill level and where you work. If you want to make more money as a vet tech, you will find better vet tech salary options in busy veterinary surgery and hospital environments. These jobs may be more demanding and have later hours, however, which is why some of the extra compensation exists.

The vet tech salary range is not particularly wide as the job itself is the same in most instances. Still, with experience and hard work, you can advance to making the top end of the vet tech salary range relatively quickly, and have a stable job in just about any economy.

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