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What You Should Know about NH Motorcycle Insurance

What You Should Know about NH Motorcycle Insurance

NH motorcycle insurance is required by law for every rider who wants to ride a motorcycle on the street. Just as with cars, NH motorcycle insurance laws exist to protect both the rider and the drivers of other vehicles on the road in case of an accident. In New Hampshire as with other states there is a minimum required level of insurance all riders and drivers must carry.

NH motorcycle insurance laws state that every rider must carry a minimum amount of liability coverage. This means that in case of an at-fault accident, the damaged party will receive compensation from the insurance company for injuries as well as physical damage to their vehicle or property. This part of NH motorcycle insurance law exists to make sure that all riders are responsible financially for any negligence or driving error on their part that might cause an accident.

NH motorcycle insurance laws do not require you to carry comprehensive or collision coverage, both of which are designed to protect the owner’s investment in the bike. If you have a loan on your motorcycle, however, you may find that your leinholder requires you to have this coverage in order to protect their investment and insure they can collect if the motorcycle is damaged, stolen or destroyed to the point of being a total write off.

NH motorcycle insurance laws are designed to make sure that everyone on the road takes responsibility for their actions. All riders must have insurance, and if you are caught riding without insurance you may be subject to financial penalties. Be sure to carry your proof of insurance with you every time you ride your motorcycle so that you can present it to an officer of the law on request should you be stopped or involved in an accident.

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