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Where to Find a Backhoe Thumb

Where to Find a Backhoe Thumb

Have you heard of these contraptions called backhoe thumbs? Have you ever wondered what their primary purpose is or how you would go about getting one for your backhoe tractor? If so, you have come to the right place. Here we will discuss the basic functions of a backhoe thumb and give you some preliminary ideas on where to find them.

What Is a Backhoe Thumb?

The name backhoe “thumb” should immediately give you an inkling regarding the primary purpose of these versatile backhoe attachments. Much like the thumb on your hand allows you to grip objects and maneuver them into place, a thumb on a backhoe enables the tractor to grasp and raise objects that are too awkward or unwieldy to be picked up using the backhoe bucket. Backhoe thumbs are ideal for excavation and cleanup projects in which objects like rocks, logs or other debris have settled into holes, or for objects too large to be scooped with the bucket attachment alone.

A backhoe thumb is a hydraulic attachment (although there are some non-hydraulic models as well) that can be added to any size backhoe fairly quickly. Most backhoe thumbs can be snapped into place when needed and folded out of the way when they’re not.

Where to Find a Backhoe Thumb?

Finding a backhoe thumb for your tractor is easier than you may think, as most of them are built to be used on any size machine. Below are just a few places you should check out if you’re in the market for one of these attachments:

  • Tractor and Equipment Supply Stores
  • New Tractor Dealerships
  • Equipment Rental Outlets

Naturally, the first place to begin is the internet. Many tractor supply companies now advertise their wares online, and by shopping around you can ensure you’re getting the best deal.

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